'Trinkets' Season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the Netflix dramedy's final season

'Trinkets' Season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the Netflix dramedy's final season
Quintessa Swindell (Netflix)

While the first season of Netflix's 'Trinkets' that aired in June 2019 did well, the streamer announced that the series' upcoming Season 2 will be the final one. The show chronicles the life of a group of kleptomaniacs, their relationships, their struggles and their joys. Here is what we know about Season 2 after the premiere season's intense cliffhanger. 

Release date

'Trinkets' Season 2 premieres on August 22, 2020. This will be the final season.


Season 1 of the shoplifting drama ended with a cliffhanger with the group of girls in trouble. We also saw characters have shocking things happen to them such as Elodie running away from her home after being threatened to be sent to a treatment facility in Seattle, Moe has now started to shoplift and Brady's car was stolen by Tabitha despite his threats to report her. So we're thinking the next part of the story will be intense. We expect Season 2 to continue from the previous season and explain if the girls will kick their shoplifting habit. Fans were left with many questions after Season 1 and their tweets were even used in the trailer that promises that the upcoming season will have all the answers.

The official plot of Season 2 is yet to be released. Hopefully, it will be out along with the official trailer. Stay tuned for updates.


Brianna Hildebrand as Elodie Davis

Brianna Hildebrand attends the 'Playing With Fire' New York premiere at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on October 26, 2019, in New York City (Getty Images)

Hildebrand is an actress and producer known for roles such as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in 'Deadpool' (2016) and 'Deadpool 2' (2018), Sadie Cunningham in 'Tragedy Girls' (2017) and Verity in 'The Exorcist'. The talented actress won a Jury Award and a Festival Price in 2017, both for Best Actress for 'Tragedy Girls'. She was also nominated for a Teen Choice Award in 2016 for Choice Movie: Breakout Star for 'Deadpool'. Her recent works include 'Momster' (2019), 'Playing with Fire' (2019) and 'Runt' (2020). She also has one release in post-production titled 'The Time Capsule' and two releases in pre-production — 'Girls Night', where she plays the role of Tina, and 'Persephone', where she plays Darcy Clarke.

Kiana Madeira as Moe Truax

Kiana Madeira attends the 'Giant Little Ones' premiere during 2018 Toronto International Film Festival at The Elgin on September 9, 2018, in Toronto, Canada (Getty Images)

Madeira is known for her roles as Lyra in 'Dark Matter' (2017), Spencer Young in the hit series 'The Flash' (2018), Clara in 'Level 16' (2018) and Stacey in 'Watch Dogs 2'. Her recent works include 'Sacred Lies' (2018), 'Coroner' (2019) and 'She Never Died' (2019). She too has two releases in post-production, 'Fear Street' and 'Fear Street 2'.

Other members of the cast include Quintessa Swindell as Tabitha Foster, Odiseas Georgiadis as Noah Simos, Brandon Butler as Brady Finch, Larry Sullivan as Doug Davis, Jessica Lynn Skinner as Kayla Landis, Henry Zaga as Luka Novak and many more.


Amy Andelson, Emily Meyer and Kirsten Smith created the series. The directors include Sara St Onge, Sherwin Shilati, Clare Kilner, Hannah Macpherson, Ayoka Chenzira, John Fortenberry and Megan Griffiths.


The trailer for 'Trinkets' Season 2 is yet to be released, but the streamer did release a teaser. While it doesn't give out anything about the upcoming season, it does let fans know that their tweets have been heard. It reads: "You had questions, we've got answers. The conclusion to the Trinkets story."


Where to watch

Catch 'Trinkets' Season 2 on August 22, 2020, on Netflix.

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