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Trevor Bickford allegedly yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he attacked 3 cops in Times Square on New Year's Eve

Trevor Bickford turned vicious after becoming an extremist when he slashed the cops with an 18-inch blade, attacking three in total
Trevor Bickford allegedly yelled 'Allahu Akbar' during his attack on three cops (Facebook/Audra D'Antilio Simpson and Trevor Bickford)
Trevor Bickford allegedly yelled 'Allahu Akbar' during his attack on three cops (Facebook/Audra D'Antilio Simpson and Trevor Bickford)

Warning: This article contains recollection of crime that may trigger some readers. Discretion is advised.

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: Suspected Islamist extremist Trevor Bickford was charged with attempted murder and assault on Monday, January 2,  for the December 31 attack. Bickford's vicious attack left three cops injured including one rookie who was on the first day of his job and was left with a fractured skull. New sources now reveal that Bickford reportedly yelled "Allah Akbar" or "Allahu Akbar" during his New Year's Eve attack near Times Square

It was reported that Bickford found religion after the passing away of his father, Tom, from an overdose in 2018 at the age of 41. Now, New York Post has reported that 19-year-old Trevor Bickford yelled the infamous war cry during his vicious attack. "Allahu Akbar," or "God is Great" in Arabic, has been opted for by Muslim extremists and denounced by other Muslims. Professor Khaled A Beydoun once wrote that the association of the phrase with terrorism has been worsened by mass media and television pundits. The outlet reports that Bickford botched the phrase and said "Allah Akbar" as per the sources. A handwritten diary was also retrieved in which he expressed his desire to join the Taliban in Afghanistan. 


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Originally coming from Wells, Maine, Bickford came to the Big Apple on December 29 posing as a tourist. He soon turned vicious when he slashed the cops with an 18-inch blade attacking three cops in total. He was shot in the shoulder by one of the cops. All the parties were taken to Bellevue Hospital. Sources have also claimed that Bickford probably camped overnight at Forest Park in Queens. He then booked a room at a Bowery hotel on the Lower East Side on Friday night, December 30. In a hand-written manifesto retrieved by the FBI after searching through his house, he had written a letter addressing his family and wrote to his US Marine Corps brother for losing his way. 

Bickford wrote, "To [my brother] Travis. Of anyone I’ve known who I have felt is closest to faith — it’s you. Of anyone I’ve ever wanted to accept Islam with me — it’s you. Please repent to Allah and accept Islam. I fear for you." A rookie cop who was on his first assignment was one of the victims and suffered a gash to his head. The Staten Island officer sustained blunt force trauma to the head. He has no prior records.