Did Trevor Bauer accuser like being choked, slapped? 'Gimme all the pain' texts revealed

Did Trevor Bauer accuser like being choked, slapped? 'Gimme all the pain' texts revealed
Trevor Bauer #27 of the Los Angeles Dodgers was recently accused of sexual assault by a woman (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

MLB icon Trevor Bauer was recently accused of sexual assault by a woman, who has only been identified as Ms Hill as per her lawsuit. The alleged survivor claimed that the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher assaulted her and inflicted "severe physical and emotional pain." She further accused Bauer of punching and strangling her unconscious during two separate incidents in April and May 2021. However, Bauer has consistently denied the allegations from the beginning, insisting that he had consensual sex with her and she asked for "rough sex". 

Bauer was temporarily suspended from the baseball league as the investigation into the accusations is ongoing, while the woman was granted a temporary restraining order. However, texts exchanged between the pair have emerged now - some of which say that she enjoyed the "choking" during sex. "Never been more turned on in my life. Gimme all the pain. Rawr," Ms Hill wrote in one of the messages. 



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What do the texts say?

The text conversation revealed by DailyMail took place between Bauer and Ms Hill on May 9, just ahead of the pair's second sexual encounter. The 27-year-old woman, who claimed that she was left with facial fractures from Bauer's punches, had texted him, "Mmmm, get a couple of slaps in there and then another handprint on my @$$."

Screenshots of the conversation reveal the following exchange: 


Ms Hill: "Here's *100 nose kisses* to make you feel better & just know pink is so your color Papi

Bauer: "Oh yeah? Pink looks good on me huh?"

Ms Hill: "Really compliments your vibe yes"

Bauer: "Oh it hits like that huh? [kissing emoji]"

Ms Hill: "The pink socks stay ON while cuddling

Bauer: "Yes ma'am. Whatever you want [kissing emoji]"

The exchange seemed to refer to a pair of pink socks. Ms Hill further continues, "Buttttt offff [sic] when it's time to choke me out. Thx you are the best [wink emoji]."


Bauer then asks, "You want to go out huh? Mmmm", probably referring to choking her into unconsciousness. 

Ms Hill: "Si, That was a game changer"

Bauer: "Tell me more"

Ms Hill: "Never been more turned on in my life. Gimme all the pain. Rawr."

Bauer: "Really? When you were going out or when you woke up?"

Ms Hill: "Going outttt [sic] Now that I know what it feels like to wake up from up it though itll probably feel just as good to wake up from that"


The conversation then continues on an increased sexual note, where once Bauer mentions that he wanted his arm around her neck from behind, to which she replied, "Do it. Harder [Kissing emoji]"

As Bauer proposes to slap her in the face, she says "Yes yes & yes". Bauer then texted, "Do you even know what pain is?" Ms Hill replied with a selfie saying, "Idk. Try me"


The survivor had claimed in her lawsuit that she continued talking to Bauer even after the second alleged assault, for fear of retribution, before she decided to get a restraining order from him. 

The hearing on the restraining order - whether it should be made permanent or not - is scheduled for July 23, 2021. Bauer reportedly apologized to her following the second alleged assault, saying "I would never do those things to you if it wasn't sexually".


Meanwhile, medical notes obtained by DailyMail claim that the woman was found with "acute head injury" and "assault by strangulation", after her second sexual encounter with Bauer. Her photos also showed bruises and cuts under her eyes and lips and even large abrasions on her cheek. In her account, she mentioned, "I agreed to have sex. I did not agree or consent to what he did next."


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