Did Tory Lanez outdo Chris Brown in Megan Thee Stallion shooting? Internet hopes he gets the same treatment

Fans began comparing Tory Lanez to Rihanna's ex Chris Brown after rumors of his involvement in Megan Thee Stallion's shooting began doing the rounds

                            Did Tory Lanez outdo Chris Brown in Megan Thee Stallion shooting? Internet hopes he gets the same treatment
Tory Lanez and Chris Brown (Getty Images)

As soon as speculations of who might have hurt Megan Thee Stallion began doing the rounds, the name of Canadain rapper Tory Lanez constantly kept popping up. Although Megan hasn't confirmed or denied if Tory is to be blamed for the gunshots on her foot, police have arrested the rapper after finding a gun in his car. According to reports, Tory shot Megan while she was trying to leave the car. He was reportedly seated inside the car and shot twice at her foot while she was attempting to leave the vehicle. When fans heard about how Tory hurt Megan, they couldn't help but draw parallels between him and Chris Brown. 

In 2009, Chris Brown was charged for domestic violence and abuse against his then-girlfriend Rihanna. Following this, Brown's career and reputation took a significant hit. But eventually over the years, Brown managed to crawl his way back to the top. Many fans began comparing Tory to Brown for their abusive and violent behaviors. A fan wrote, "Tory Lanez giving me 2009 Chris Brown vibes." "Tory Lanez hangs around Chris Brown. So you know violence and abuse towards women was going to rub off on him smdh," commented another.

Fans began pointing out that Tory's shooting of Megan may have topped Brown's inappropriate behavior towards Rihanna. A fan commented, "Media: What Chris Brown did to Rihanna was the worst thing someone could do to a significant other. @torylanez: Hold my blunt. There is a new record holder folks..." Another fan shared, "Who knew Tory Lanez would outdo Chris Brown." 

Many fans expressed hope that Tory receives the same backlash as Brown did after being exposed for his violent behavior towards Rihanna. A fan said, "Tory Lanez better get the same energy you lot been giving Chris Brown for years." "@PatsOnYaBack legit question...will @torylanez get same heat as @chrisbrown did (rightfully) back in the day? Isn't it crazy we get loss in the means, instead of standing firm in our condemnation of violence against women," wondered another.

Several fans hoped that if the reports of Tory hurting Megan are true, then he should pay the price for his actions and not receive a second-chance as Brown did. A fan wrote, "Chris Brown beat a woman black and blue we let him back. If Tory Lanez did indeed allegedly shoot Meg and we let him back in, I promise you I’m only listening to UK Drill and grime." Another fan commented, "Yall hate Black women so much that Chris Brown is still RELEVANT and currently trending on twitter. I will not be surprised if it is confirmed that Tory Lanez shot @theestallion and this time next year his career is doing just fine." "Y’all ain’t dragging Tory lanez how y’all always do Chris brown but It’s cool," said another fan.

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