Top documentaries coming to Netflix in December: 'Regiment Diaries' to 'The Holiday Movies That Made Us'

The genre has many themes such as true-crime and singer biographies, and this month it seems like Netflix will also be adding to the holiday genre

                            Top documentaries coming to Netflix in December: 'Regiment Diaries' to 'The Holiday Movies That Made Us'
'The Holiday Movies That Made Us' (Netflix)

Every month Netflix adds to all its genres but many documentary fanatics look forward to that genre of releases. The genre has many themes such as true-crime and singer biographies, and this month it seems like Netflix will also be adding to the holiday genre. The following are the docu-series and documentaries being released on Netflix in the month of December that we think would be a great binge watch.

'The Holiday Movies That Made Us' Season 1

'The Holiday Movies That Made Us' (Netflix)

Release date: December 1, 2020

Synopsis: "Retrospective documentary looking at well-known and much-loved Christmas favorites. The film takes an in-depth look at two of the most iconic holiday films, 'Elf' and 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'. Unwrap the real stories behind these iconic Christmas blockbusters, thanks to insider interviews and behind-the-scenes peeks."

The trailer speaks of the two movies that almost didn't get made, how the script came to be, and how the leads were chosen. Will Ferrell's 'Elf' is still one of the most loved Christmas movies along with Tim Burton's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' - both radically unconventional concepts brought to life because many involved believed them to be hits. 'The Holiday Movies That Made Us' is a beautiful ode to these releases, that have since become a staple watch for kids growing up, even today.


'Regiment Diaries' Season 2

Release date: December 9, 2020

Synopsis: "War docu-series from India. Historical footage and interviews with soldiers showcase war stories, unique traditions, and unifying principles of the Indian Army’s various regiments."

The series first aired in 2018, on Epic Channel with season 2 airing last year on the channel. It is a compilation of war stories that pay tribute to the men in the Indian Army and their regiments. According to Epic Channel's description, the series is a "tale of the Indian Army unlike any told before. Told by the very men who follow the illustrious feats of their predecessors, Regiment Diaries tells timeless tales that warm the heart, moisten the eye, and leave you in even greater awe of the bravest children of India." There is no specific synopsis for season 2 and the trailer for the season is yet to be released by Netflix. You can watch the promo from the original source below.


'Anitta: Made In Honório' Season 1

Release date: December 16, 2020

Synopsis: It is a docu-series on the Brazillian singer Anitta. The official synopsis can be translated to, "Anitta is a phenomenon in pop music and funk. But behind each hit is Larissa, born and raised in Honório Gurgel (RJ), and ready to conquer the world. She is not perfect and she knows it, so she makes a point of showing who Anitta is without filters in the documentary series Anitta: Made In Honório."

Larissa de Macedo Machado is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and dancer, who goes by the stage name Anitta. She reportedly had begun singing at a young age in a church choir in Rio de Janeiro, in the Honório Gurgel neighborhood. 'Anitta: Made In Honório' joins other Netflix' documentaries based on the life of singers, and while a biography it also opens doors for many watching and hoping to become musicians. Based on the trailer, it seems as though the series will take audiences behind the scenes of Anitta's performances as well as show us her home life.


'Room 2806: The Accusation'

Release date: December 7, 2020

Synopsis: "This docuseries follows the 2011 sexual assault case involving French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn at the height of his career."

The limited series is directed by Jalil Lespert. According to reports, Strauss-Kah was accused by "sexual assault and attempted rape" by Nafissatou Diallo a hotel maid at the Sofitel New York Hotel on May 14, 2011. The suit was apparently settled at reportedly $1.5 million. In August of the same year, all charges against the French politician. During an interview on September 18, 2011, Strauss-Kahn said that what happened with Diallo was a "moral failure" but that it wasn't criminal - he claimed that Diallo was lying.

'André & his olive tree'

Release date: December 8, 2020

Synopsis: "André & his olive tree, an intimate documentary follows the life of Taiwan’s first Michelin-starred chef-restaurateur André Chiang."

The trailer sees the style, attitude, and confidence of famous Taiwanese chef, André Chiang. It explains that a restaurant is not just about the food or the chef, but a "multitude of experiences" and how he obsesses about every detail. His journey from starting from "scratch to becoming a Michelin-starred chef-restaurateur is detailed beautifully in this upcoming documentary.




'Giving Voice'

Release date: December 11, 2020

Synopsis: "Executive produced by Viola Davis and John Legend, Giving Voice follows students in the annual August Wilson Monologue Competition inspired by the late playwright. Six ambitious student actors audition for the prestigious August Wilson Monologue Competition, culminating in a riveting final round on Broadway."

The documentary features six students as they audition for a major role in Broadway. It will also feature Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, and more speaking on the legacy of playwright August Wilson. This year, the documentary won an Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival for Festival Favorite - directors James D Stern and Fernando Villena were recipients of the award.




'BREAK IT ALL: The History of Rock in Latin America'

Release date: December 16, 2020

Synopsis: “Through interviews, archival footage, and many music hit, this series tells the history of rock 'n' roll and youth culture throughout Latin America.”

There is no trailer released for the documentary, but it is a birds-eye view into the rock culture in Latin America. Stay tuned for updates.

'The Ripper'

Release date: December 16, 2020

Synopsis: "In the late 1970s, British police struggle to identify — let alone capture — the serial killer known throughout the world as the Yorkshire Ripper. For five years, between 1975 to 1980, the Yorkshire Ripper murders cast a dark shadow over the lives of women in the North of England. 13 women were dead and the police seemed incapable of catching the killer. No one felt safe – and every man was a suspect."

The documentary joins many other true crime releases offered by the streaming giant - the true crime category is quite popular. 'The Ripper' joins many other Netflix releases in the murderer category such as 'Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes', 'American Murder: The Family Next Door', 'Killer Inside: the Mind of Aaron Hernandez', 'Abducted in Plain Sight' and many others. 'The Ripper' is about the Yorkshire Ripper murders from 1975 to 1980 and has a grappling trailer you can watch below.



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