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'Top Chef Houston': Queso quickfire challenge gets mixed reactions from fans

Contestants had to create their own versions of queso for the Quickfire challenge
A still from 'Top Chef Houston' (Bravo)
A still from 'Top Chef Houston' (Bravo)

A few things are there that are more sacred to a Texan than a big bowl of queso. First, while recipes may vary, the basics are essential for cooking Queso, like it must be creamy, salty and thick enough to coat a tortilla chip, but thin enough that it still threatens to drip on your shirt.

In the recent episode of 'Top Chef Houston' host, Padma Lakshmi told the contestants that in the new episode, they'd be creating their own versions of queso for the Quickfire challenge, collective groans from home viewers in Texas would not be out of the line. Fourteen chefs were competing for this task, while some got it right, others to our horror either overcomplicated the dish or floundered completely. Los Angeles-based chef Jackson Kalb had a rather upsetting take on making the dish. He became the episode's villain when he said "everybody's going to do a giant vat of creamy gross cheese." His solution was to create a crispy rather than gooey queso by caramelizing the mozzarella cheese and Parmigiano Reggiano in a pan.


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The Houston gal Garcia's abodo con queso along with taro chips was lauded for the presentation and was a perfect combination of gooeyness, heat and crunchiness. Nick Wallace was highly impressed with a pork belly and Galvan enjoyed blue carb 'surf and turf' queso. Finally, Damarr Brown successfully won the Quickfire challenge for his mild cheddar queso that he paired with pickled serrano chiles and toasted bread crumbs.

As soon as the episode ended fans tweeted their opinion of the show. A fan tweeted, "I'm so glad top chef is in houston this season. some of these chefs already doing too much and it’s hilarious." A disappointed fan tweeted, "Disappointed in the scouting of this Houston #TopChef. Should have done the FNL challenge at Bellaire or Memorial or Lamar HS. Tomball ISD?! Really?!?!" Another fan tweeted,"Interesting “Kay-So” challenge on #TopChef Houston. #Queso." Another fan said,"Feeling oddly emotional watching @BravoTopChef Houston. I love this show. I love this city. I love food. I also obviously love this network - my bby Bravo 😇"





'Top Chef Houston' airs every Thursday on Bravo at 8 pm.

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