Top 5 restaurants with great ambience to dine out

Top 5 restaurants with great ambience to dine out
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The United States' wide range of breathtaking landscapes, from East to West, provide a wealth of unrivalled backdrops for extraordinary dining experiences. The country is home to some of the most picturesque dining locations on Earth, from a meal by the roaring Snoqualmie Falls to a fast snack up in the Alyeski ski resort.


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Top 5 restaurants with great ambience

Here are five exquisite eateries that can rank among the most exquisite dining locations in the world.

1. Eleven Madison Park (New York)

The high-end dining experience has long been defined by Eleven Madison Park, one of the most well-known restaurants in the country and for good reason. The beloved NYC restaurant has bravely switched to a vegetarian menu, citing ethical, moral, and health concerns. Daniel Humm has kept his cutting-edge approach and world-class experience while eliminating outdated menu.



2. VAGA (Encinitas, California)

In the surf town of Encinitas, halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles, VAGA boasts ocean vistas, outdoor eating, and some extremely fresh southern California-inspired cuisine. Tomahawk steak and Baja sea bass paired with parmesan fondue and Marcona almond basmati are the top orders.



3. Christopher’s Wrigley Mansion (Phoenix, Arizona)

It is located next to the Wrigley Mansion and offers spectacular design and equally stunning meals while watching the Phoenix skyline from the picturesque desert. The eight-course chef's tasting menu is a classic, with French influences but a strong focus on the season, local proteins, and produce. It is also served with a presentation level that is rarely seen anywhere.



4. Mister Jiu’s (San Francisco, California)

Many of the fundamentals of Chinese food are smoothly combined with California cuisine at this San Francisco restaurant. Mister Jiu's offers a variety of appetizers, dishes, and cocktails. The renowned restaurant, which is most knowledgeable of the classics, even makes an excellent Peking duck, THE MANUAL reported. 



5. The Marine Room (California)

The Marine Room is the nation's most romantic eatery, offering a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and delicious food. The chefs creatively reinterpret classic dishes while also creating original, inventive dishes that make use of the plentiful fresh seafood that is readily accessible nearby and comes directly from the waters that lap just inches away from customers on the other side of the glass, culture trip reported.


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 Top 5 restaurants with great ambience to dine out