Top 5 Comics Moments of the Week: Power swapping, teenage heroes and a mutant beach party

Top 5 Comics Moments of the Week: Power swapping, teenage heroes and a mutant beach party
(Dan Mora/BOOM! Studios/IDW)

Spoilers for comics released on March 18

It's been a notable week for comics, and between Robin's 80th Anniversary Special and Marvel kicking off its 'Outlawed' event, teenage superheroes are in the spotlight. We dive in to the top five comics moments of the week, but beware, spoilers abound!

5. Captain Marvel IS the Avengers

A page from 'Captain Marvel #14' (Lee Garbett/Tamra Bonvillain/Marvel Comics)

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has been forced by Vox Supreme to deliver him the Avengers, one by one, for him to harvest their genetic material. She's managed to both subdue them and hide them in a pocket dimension inside her ally, Singularity.

With a little help from her friends, Captain Marvel is able to break free of Vox's control, but in the fight, gets covered in the genetic mix of her teammates causing her to mutate, and literally become a gruesome amalgamation of all the Avengers at once.


This works in her favor, though, as Thor's DNA allows her to summon and weild Mjolnir. With Captain America's shield, Thor's hammer and the rest of her team literally in her blood, she is the entire Avengers team made manifest. Vox Supreme never stood a chance.

4. A Krakoan 'Where's Waldo?' Beach Party

A page from 'X-Force' #9 (Joshua Cassara/Dean White/Marvel Comics)

There's not a lot to explain with this one. There are a lot of mutants on Krakoa. Sit back, take in the gorgeous art of Joshua Cassara and Dean white, and give yourself a point for every mutant you can recognize and 10 bonus points if you can find Waldo — we're still looking. Nobody said he was there, but we're still looking.

3. Kamala's Law

A page from 'Outlawed' #1 (Eve Ewing/Kim Jacinto/Espen Grundetjern/Marvel Comics)

Marvel began its 'Outlawed' event this week, bringing Government rulings back into superhero proceedings in a big way, outlawing all teenage superheroes operating without direct adult supervision.

The law was passed after a disastrous incident with the Champions left many injured and a school destroyed, all thanks to the incompetent teamwork of teenage superheroes.


Kamala Khan was unable to help as Ms Marvel, having to stay in her civilian guise, and was heavily injured in the attack. To twist the knife, the law that makes her and her team's superhero activities illegal has been named in her honor. With her injuries, there's no telling when she will wake up, but she's not going to be happy.

2. Mighty Morphin Ninja Turtles

A page from 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' #4 (Parrot/di Meo/Zonno/Baiamonte/Monti/IDW/BOOM! Studios)

This is really the moment everyone's been waiting for since the crossover began. After the Power Rangers' connection to their Power Coins was disrupted, the Rangers decided that their half-shelled new friends would be the best ones to wield them, along with April O'Neil.

Armed with the coins, and exclaiming the Power Rangers' iconic catchphrase, the Turtles morph for the first time ever. 


1. The Essential Difference between Batman and Robin

It's the week of Robin's 80th Anniversary extra-sized issue and the first story in this celebratory anthology starts the issue off strong.

In a look back to the late days of the first Robin, Dick Grayson is on the cusp of leaving the Batcave and making his own way as Nightwing. He realizes why Batman's fight isn't necessarily his — there's a significant difference between the two, despite their similar origin.


Panels from 'Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular' (Wolfman/Grummett/Hanna/Lucas/DC D Comics)

It goes a long way to explaining why Dick Grayson has never fully succumbed to the darkness Batman embodies. Batman's path and Dick Grayson's story diverge here, as Dick becomes an adult, and it's easy to see why that's necessary.


That's it for this week. What were your favorite moments from New Comic Book Day? Let us know in the comments.

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