'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3: Lana gives Holly and Nathan a challenge in Episode 9

'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3: Lana gives Holly and Nathan a challenge in Episode 9
Nathan and Holly (Instagram/nathsoan/hollyscarfone)

For the contestants of 'Too Hot To Handle' pursuing romantic relationships of any kind comes with a price tag, literally. Seeing that the couples and singles are fined if they indulge in any act of pleasure, the contestants have indeed found it hard to fight temptation. However, they've also managed to make some discoveries about themselves along the way.

While Holly was heartbroken and distraught over Nathan having to leave the island, it turns out Lana had other plans. After his elimination, Lana revealed to Nathan that she was willing to give him another chance, seeing that he had grown as an individual.


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However, to enter back into the show, he needed to take a one on one workshop to prove that he was in it for all the right reasons. Nathan quickly agreed and was guided by Brendan Durell, the relationship expert. Brendan helped Nathan look past his physical desires, access his emotional side, and acknowledge his true feelings for Holly.

Meanwhile, Harry opened up to the guys and confessed that he was in love with Beaux and wanted to ask her to be his girlfriend. After his heartbreak three years ago, Harry believed there was no solution to his commitment issues; however he now wanted to be a better person for Beaux. Lana had the two go on a date where he mustered the courage to ask her. Beaux was just as excited, and Lana even granted them a few minutes of free time as they shared a kiss without a penalty.



However, it wasn't all love and roses for everyone, as Georgia had a tough conversation with Gerrie, seeing that she didn't think they could be together. As opposed to just leaving the matter, she chose to confront the issue and talk to him about it instead.


The group celebrated with a masquerade party and were shocked when Nathan joined in. Holly was thrilled to have him back. However, Lana later announced that they two had cost the entire group $90,000 in penalties. But there was a chance for them to make it back. They'd have to spend one night in the suite without getting intimate. This was to see if Nathan had grown as a person. If successful, $90,000 would be added to the prize money. 

What do you think? Does Nathan have the willpower to see this through? Sound off below! 

'Too Hot to Handle' is available for streaming on Netflix. 


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 Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Lana gives Holly Nathan challenge Episode 9