'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3: Brianna's enterance causes drama between Holly and Nathan

'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3: Brianna's enterance causes drama between Holly and Nathan
Brianna, Nathan and Holly (Instagram/bri.giscombe/nathsoan/hollyscarfone)

For the contestant of 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3, they're certainly starting to feel the heat. While many couples have formed already and have begun bonding, taking the element of physical affection off the table seems to be driving them all up a wall. And while there is $200,000 at stake, not everyone seems to be thinking straight.

Nathan and Holly cost the group a shocking $69,000 due to their inability to keep their hands off each other. But the addition of new contestants might just put their relationship through the wringer.


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After Jaz and Truth's elimination, the women were hoping to have a few more men joining the house. While the guys were away on a workshop with relationship expert Brendan Durrell, the ladies were introduced to three new house guests -- Brianna from California, The USA, Gerrie, a former rugby player from Johannesburg, South Africa and Jackson, from London, The UK.

While some of the women were excited to meet new men, Holly was apprehensive that Brianna would try to sway Nathan away from her, seeing that she made it rather evident that her type was tall guys. As the boys eventually met up with the new guests, Brianna's eyes were set on Nathan. However, that was not the only love triangle taking place. Izzy and Olga both were smitten by Jackson. However, for Olga, who had been cosying up to Stevan for so long, a tough conversation was due.



She took him aside and broke the harsh truth that she was looking to explore a connection with Jackson, as he was exactly her type. Stevan, who claims to have matured over the show, handled the news with grace and didn't stop Olga from pursuing what she wanted.

Meanwhile, Gerri and Georgia hit it off almost instantly, with sparks flying. This led the pair to share a kiss causing a rule break. The next day, Lana announced that the new contestants had a chance to take the person they liked out on a date. However, Gerri was given a penalty for showing no restraint, and $6,000 was deducted from the prize fund. So it came as no surprise that Brianna picked Nathan for a date. Olga was sure she had it in the bag when it came to Jackson. However, Jackson wanted to know Izzy better and picked her instead. 

'Too Hot to Handle' is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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