'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3: Here are FIVE new contestants aiming to stir the pot

'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3: Here are FIVE new contestants aiming to stir the pot
Brianna Giscombe, Olga Bednarska and Obi Nnadi will be on 'Too Hot to Handle' (Instagram/bri.giscombe/olga_bednarska/obi_blvd)

It might be snowing outside but Netflix is turning the heat up by dropping a new season of 'Too Hot To Handle'. Before we get to it, it's only fair that you know what the show is all about. You might be familiar with the concept of 'Too Hot To Handle' but just in case you are someone who isn't, here's how it works.

A bunch of sexy singles from around the world are flown down to an island resort under the pretext of being part of a show similar to 'Love Island'. However, they soon find out that this show is different in one major way. To win the prize money, they must abstain from indulging in any kind of sexual activity. If dating reality shows as a whole are new to you, you could check out shows like 'Bachelor in Paradise', 'FBOY Island' and 'Love is Blind.'


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The showrunners shared the roster of singletons who will have to be a part of 'Too Hot To Handle' and have decided to up the ante by adding five more contestants who are ready to stir the pot in what some call the "TV's horniest reality show". Here are the five new contestants.

Brianna Giscombe


Briana is a beauty manager and has over eight years of sales and customer service experience. The 26-year-old has a presence on YouTube and TikTok as well. She also works as a model. She lists her home bases as Bay Area, Connecticut and Los Angeles.

Gerrie Labuschagne


Gerrie is a personal fitness coach. The 26-year-old also plays rugby for the Shizuoka Blue Revs. He started his career with The Free State Cheetahs' U19 team. Gerald was born in Springs, South Africa.

Jackson Mawhinney


A look at Jackson's social media is enough to determine that the lad's got a lust for life. Jackson seems to be a fitness freak. He also comes off as a socialite. Jackson is based out of London, United Kingdom.

Obi Nnadi


Obi is a personal trainer and fitness instructor. He's exploring different possibilities in his field of choice. He also flexes his good looks by working as a model for clothing brands. Obi is based in Toronto, Canada.

Olga Bednarska 


There isn't much out there about Olga but a look at her social media suggests that she might be an Instagram model. She seems to be a bit of a globetrotter. Olga lives in United Kingdom when she isn't traveling.

You can stream 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3 on Netflix.

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