'Tommy': Golden Globe winner Edie Falco will deliver fireworks with her tough cop role in CBS' crime drama

CBS' primetime lineup is all set to blow your mind with its latest crime-drama series featuring the Emmy-winning actor and here is why you should watch it

                            'Tommy': Golden Globe winner Edie Falco will deliver fireworks with her tough cop role in CBS' crime drama
Edie Falco (CBS)

Changing times call for changing measures. CBS's 'Tommy' is going to give a brand new perspective to crime procedurals. Meet Abigail Thomas aka Tommy (Edie Falco), LAPD's new Chief of Police. She is witty, edgy, experienced and has a unique way of dealing with the city's crime and other problems. Her ways are unconventional and a far cry from her predecessors. She is a hardball when she needs to be and also the 'motherly' figure that her mentees need. But most importantly, she is the first woman in her position in the history of LAPD.

If you are still contemplating on whether to invest your Thursday nights with Chief Thomas and her associates, then here's more.

First of all, crime dramas always find a way home with prime time audience. There has never been a dearth of good crime procedurals and drama thrillers from the network and we can never get enough of them. But 'Tommy' is not going to ride on the popular bandwagon. By the look of it, we are fairly sure it is going to be different. Why? Well, as we just mentioned above, the story follows LA's first female Chief of Police and it is aspirational in every aspect.

We live in a time when it has become important for women to find themselves in significant roles across the board. Thomas would be a personification of the woman in power who brings about changes that the country needs right now. She is a no-nonsense officer of law who rises above every challenge and outwits those who want to bring her down, while upholding law and justice at the same time.

Next, on our list of why we should watch the show — there is Edie Falco herself. The popular stage and television actor and two times Golden Globe and four times Emmy Award winner, Falco is a star of primetime.

After 'Oz', 'Nurse Jackie', 'The Sopranos' and many more, it will indeed be a pleasure to see the actor in a lead role, especially in a crime drama. Her quirky and witty persona comes across in her character of Thomas and making her the Chief of Police is something we would love to have in every city.

And finally, it's all about what the story promises. If you have seen the trailer of 'Tommy', you would know that it is not just a procedural that runs you through the "case of the day" and says goodbye after an hour. Tommy is not just an officer of law but also a mother and a grandmother, although not quite the best of her kind. And yet, she tries to be. This makes her character more relatable and makes this story also about family, politics and self-discovery.

Other cast members you can expect to see on the show along with Falco are Michael Chernus, Olivia Lucy Phillip, Adelaide Clemens, Joseph Lyle Taylor, David Fierro, Vladimir Caamaño and Russell G Jones.

With so much and promise of more, we are running high on expectations. While you wait for the show to premiere in two days, take a look at what’s coming.



'Tommy’ will release on February 6, 10pm/9c, only on CBS All Access.

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