Are Zendaya and Tom Holland dating? Fans say 'FINALLY!' after duo was spotted kissing in a car

Tom Holland, 25, and Zendaya, 24, set tongues wagging after they were spotted sharing a steamy smooch inside a car

                            Are Zendaya and Tom Holland dating? Fans say 'FINALLY!' after duo was spotted kissing in a car
Fans went gaga over the possibility of the 'Spiderman: No Way Home' costars being in relationship after all these years (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Tom Holland and Zendaya broke the Internet after a picture of them kissing in the car went viral. People went gaga over the possibility of the 'Spiderman: No Way Home' costars coming out about their relationship after all these years. Tom and Zendaya always maintained 'good friends' stance but their fans rooted for the duo to be together.

Holland, 25, and Zendaya, 24 were spotted sharing a steamy smooch inside a car Thursday, July 1. Other photos also showed the pair hanging out with Zendaya dressed in a halter-style white crop top and green bottoms. Holland, on the other hand, kept it casual in a white T-shirt and blue flannel overshirt, over a pair of drawstring pants. According to reports, Zendaya's mother, Claire Stoermer, was also seen spending time with them. Reps for both actors did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


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Actress Zendaya and actor Tom Holland (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

In a recent cover story for British GQ, Holland talked about Zendaya and said talking to her about fame "helped [him] a lot," in the sense that he "used to come across sometimes as a bit of a d--- to fans" unintentionally. Tom also said that Zendaya "totally changed the way I am able to be more comfortable in public." He also talked about the speculation about his romantic life and how it can be "frustrating" to have personal relationships in the limelight. "It's very nerve-racking. It means that if you are dating someone, you have to be really conscious of their feelings, because if something does happen between the two of you, it's not just happening between the two of you, it's happening in front of the entire world. It's one of the things I worry about most, of all the things in my career, " he said.

Back in 2017, a source told People magazine that Tom and Zendaya were 'seeing each other'. "They started seeing each other while they were filming Spider-Man. They've been super careful to keep it private and out of the public eye but they've gone on vacations with each other and try and spend as much time as possible with one another, " the source said. Another source added, "They're both really ambitious and they challenge each other, but, most importantly, they make each other crack up. They seem to have a really similar sense of humor and love joking around together. They have great banter back and forth." 

Actors Tom Holland (L) and Zendaya (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)


However, Zendaya shut down any and all speculations that same month by tweeting, "My favorite is when it says we go on vacations together HA! I haven't been on a vacation in years! hbu @TomHolland1996 ???" In August of that year, the 'Euphoria' actress told Variety that she and Holland not dating. "He's literally one of my best friends. This past how many months we've had to do press tours together. There's very few people that will understand what that's like at 20 years old, " she said.

'Tom and Zendaya are finally together after all these years!'

As soon as the picture of the actors kissing went viral, fans flocked to Twitter in large numbers expressing excitement over the news. One fan wrote, "I actually can’t believe that Tom and Zendaya are finally together after all these years." Another commented, "This tom holland and zendaya photo sequence is the most wholeseome thing i've seen." One fan tweeted, "ZENDAYA AND TOM HOLLAND REALLY BROKE THE INTERNET." Another wrote, "Can’t wait for zendaya and tom holland’s first spider-man premiere as a couple omg." One tweet read, "Tom holland and zendaya i can't i have waited so long for this moment." Another fan said, "If Tom Holland and Zendaya r together frfr then I can die happy." One fan commented, "They are such a powercouple Love them together!! (Always shipped them lol)."