Tom Holland joins Justin Bieber for 'bizarre' Instagram Live on quarantine life and social media can't handle it

Tom Holland made a surprise appearance on Justin Bieber’s Instagram Live and fans had a lot to say about this

                            Tom Holland joins Justin Bieber for 'bizarre' Instagram Live on quarantine life and social media can't handle it
Justin Bieber and Tom Holland (Getty Images)

Here's a crossover that you might not have expected to see in your lifetime: Tom Holland going live on Instagram with Justin Bieber. The conversation went on for three minutes, while the two discussed life in quarantine. Holland has just returned to London from Berlin, after shooting, which had to be cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world.

The two exchanged some gossip about a reality show and then both concluded that this conversation was quite surreal and 'bizarre'. Nevertheless, it was fun to watch and fans had a meltdown over the internet, most being devastated that they had 'missed' such an event.

It didn't take too long for Holland to trend on Twitter. Fans flooded the micro-blogging page with reactions.


Another noted that this live was just another strange occurrence in an already weird year. "Tom Holland and Justin Bieber really did a live. What a random ass year." Some social media users took this as opportunity to throw some shade at Bieber. One tweeted, "Tom holland joined justin bieber's ig live out of pity..."

"Can’t believe i missed justin bieber’s ig live with tom holland. worst day of my life," another tweeted. "Tom Holland and Justin Bieber are on InstaLive together and Lindsay Lohan announced a new single. Nothing makes sense anymore," wrote another fan. 

"Tom holland and justin bieber am i in a simulation," wrote another fan. Another wrote that it was quite a crossover. "Mcu: avengers endgame is the most ambitious crossover event in history justin bieber and tom holland: hold my beer."

An unsuspecting fan thought the two were in a feud. "I thought Tom Holland and Justin Bieber were having a fight when I saw them trending. This interaction is too pure," tweeted the fan. Some angry fans demanded that Holland should be 'canceled' for doing the live with Bieber. "So we have to cancel Tom Holland now, since he supports Justin Bieber. Sad that."

Others furiously defended Holland and said that he 'had done nothing wrong'.

Though Holland and Bieber haven't met in person, reports stated that the actor quite enjoyed watching the singer's docuseries 'Seasons'. Biebs had even shared a clip on Instagram earlier of Holland talking about 'Seasons' during an interview. "I just really enjoyed that because it was nice to see that someone who goes through it in the biggest way possible also has a hard time. I felt like there was a real solidarity for young people, no one goes through what he does, but we all go through it a little bit. And I was really grateful to see that side of him. I'm just really happy that he's happy!"

Bieber had thanked the actor for his comments on the docuseries: "This was so amazing to see. Thanks for showing love @tomholland2013. We all go through it".

Meanwhile, Holland's 'Unchartered' has been delayed again. Sony declared on Monday, March 31, that the movie has been pushed from March 2021 to October 2021 and it's unclear whether 'Spider-Man: 3' will begin filming this year, amid the coronavirus pandemic chaos. 

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