Tom Cruise fist-bumps David Beckham after England's goal, sparks Scientology conversion rumors

Netizens speculated that Cruise was trying to recruit Beckham as a Scientologist

                            Tom Cruise fist-bumps David Beckham after England's goal, sparks Scientology conversion rumors
Tom Cruise and David Beckham seen fistbumping at England's goal in less than two minutes of the Euro 2020 finals against Italy (Twitter)

Prince George's ecstatic celebration after England scored a goal two minutes into the Euro 2020 finals against Italy has become a viral moment from the match. But that wasn't the only highlight of the match as the David Beckham-Tom Cruise fist bump has been one of the most talked about moments from the game. Unfortunately, for England, their super early opener did not reflect in the end results as they lost to Italy in the penalty shootouts. But Hollywood charmer Cruise was there to support the team through and through, and joined in a mini celebration with the former Three Lions skipper Beckham to mark the thrilling ride England had kicked off the finals with.

Cruise's appearance in the stands has been dubbed apt for the Hollywood-style opening England gave at the finals. Clad in sharp suits and boots, Cruise and Beckham practically matched outfits as they celebrated Luke Shaw's historic goal at record time in the tournament's history. Grinning at the opening shenanigans that had set quite the precedent for the unpredictable match, the two celebrities maintained social distance, sitting with one seat's length apart as they extended their elbows to mark the left wing-back's incredible goal. Sadly, Italy's But Leonardo Bonucci stomped on England's lead at 67 minutes, turning score to 1-1, which culminated with a penalty shootout.


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Stellar players like Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka all missed from their spot during the penalties, but shortly before the team went to the dfield, they were greeted with a good-luck facetime from the 'Mission Impossible' star. With this being England's first ever final in the last 55 years, skipper Harry Kane revealed the exclusive pre-screening of Cruise's new film that the actor gifted the team with ahead of their finals. Speaking to BBC Radio 5live, Kane said: "He just dialled in and FaceTimed us just to wish us the best of a group so that was nice of him. The majority of people in the world love football, so it's great to have all that support not just in England but across the world."

Social media, however, were fixated on that one small moment between Cruise and Beckham, quipping about the possibilities of the Scientologist actor trying to recruit the sportstar into their cult-religion. "That will be Tom trying to recruit David Beckham........," replied a fan with a bunch of angry red-face emojis at a viral gif of the two men fist bumping. Another fan was amused at how, "They complement each other so well.. Beckham fits the bill of a 'tom cruise of football' and Tom fits the bill of a 'Beckham of Hollywood'." To that, another chimed in with absolute lack of surprise, explaining the relationship between the two, noting: "Well, Tom Cruise did try to recruit the Beckhams into Scientology so," along with a shrug-emoji. 





Some were however still shocked that the dynamics between the two were so cordial. "Explain in Scientology terms," one user tweeted under the gif. Another asked, "So is Tom Cruise an England fan then? I doubt it very much . Yet another celebrity given a ticket that could have been given to someone more deserving!!!" Some were concerned that Beckham had been recruited into Cruise's religion, and tweeted: "Is Beckham a fellow Scientologist?" Others explained the situation, writing: "Isn’t he friends with Beckham? Maybe he’s using his plus one"




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