'Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan': Wendell Pierce's Jim Greer has retired, but will we see him again in Season 3?

'Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan': Wendell Pierce's Jim Greer has retired, but will we see him again in Season 3?

'Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan' season two threw in a shocker when Jim Greer (Wendell Pierce) and Ryan (John Krasinski) sit down for some ship chow aboard a US Navy destroyer.

The conversation between the two wasn't the usual wisecracks they share, rather one that would establish the storyline for season three, irrespective of whatever the plot it intends to weave in.

"You're not hungry?” Ryan asks when he sits down at Greer's table. "I had enough chow on boats like this to last a lifetime," he responds. And when Ryan mentions he actually "kind of missed it," Greer takes his cue and continues.

"I used to sit across the table from an asset, and I swear to god I could hear their heartbeat. I knew when they were gonna sweat five minutes before they did. That’s how it has to be in the field. That’s what it takes to be great," he says.

"No. I can't. Not anymore. It's been a helluva run but it's over. Time to move on," he adds.

Greer was shown to have been diagnosed with a heart condition in season two and all the action around him didn't really help his case. He was introduced in season one as a taskmaster and a man who left nothing to chance.

His methods of going about his work weren't exactly well-received resulting in enough transfers. All the torture subjected to him by President Nicholas Reyes (Jordi Mulla) in season two saw him have a close brush with death and storywise, it makes sense for the character to call time on his career. 

It also makes sense that Greer was given a quiet farewell as his death would have been one too many in the series. Fan-favorite John Hoogenakker was one of the casualties of war and a second major character death would have cast a dark tone on the series.

In the movie 'Clear and Present Danger', Greer's character was shown to be suffering from pancreatic cancer, however, the TV series changed his arc a bit and eventually hinted at him retiring. 

Leading to the all-important question of, "Will Wendell Pierce be back as Jim Greer in Season 3?"


'The Wire' and 'Suits' star breathed life into Greer's character and has been an instrumental part of the series since inception. It is still unclear if he will be shown in some capacity in the upcoming season, or maybe have fleeting references.

With a new showrunner in Paul Scheuring ('Prison Break') there's no immediate clarity on Greer's role and only time will tell if this is the rounding off of the character's arc.

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