LeBron James trolled after he calls Tom Brady 'GOAT', Internet says 'you don't even sniff the level he is'

LeBron James trolled after he calls Tom Brady 'GOAT', Internet says 'you don't even sniff the level he is'
LeBron James was slammed on Twitter for congratulating Tom Brady (Getty Images)

LeBron James haters just had to pounce on the Los Angeles Lakers star after he congratulated Tom Brady on Twitter for winning Super Bowl LV. Soon after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 31-9 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on February 8, James tweeted congratulating the 43-year-old. "IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW!! GOAT TALK" read his tweet. Simple and crisp as it was, James garnered immense flak on Twitter for just congratulating his fellow athlete.


"Win a real ring Like Tom Brady, LeChoke James U Will Never Be As Good As MJ!" read a tweet bringing back the ever-happening discussion of comparing him to Michael Jordan. The referees winning it for the Bucs conspiracy theory too made its way into the conversation. "No! It’s sad when reps cheat for you to win. Let the teams play ball. I didn’t see a goat... a pig maybe," a tweet read.

Tom Brady (Getty Imeages)

"Lebron is not the GOAT. Associating himself with a real GOAT so that people blindly acknowledge he also is one. Come on... Everyone knows it's MJ and Brady," one of the fans tweeted in response to James' declaration. This was seconded by another who wrote: "You dont even sniff the level of GOAT that Tom is lol".


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The trolls weren't far behind. 'AD came to LA and won the chip. Brady came to Tampa and won the chip. Lebron came to LA and missed the playoffs," one of the fans opined. And in what would be a stinging tweet: "Tom Brady just did something you’ve never done... win a real ring."







LeBron James (Getty Images)

This wasn't the first time James was mocked despite winning rings in his decorated 18-year-NBA career. Previously, he garnered flak when the Los Angeles Lakers walloped the Miami Heat 116-98 in Game 1 of the 2020 NBA Finals on September 30 last year. The win didn't stop a few on social media from taking a dig at LeBron James for getting set to earn a 'Mickey Mouse Ring'.

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