Lakers vs Heat: Mickey Mouse Ring for LeBron sparks debate, fans say 'real basketball fans won't acknowledge it'

With Miami's injuries hampering their chance of winning Game 1 and a potential injury scare that could make it easy for the Lakers, 'Mickey Mouse Ring' was a topic of discussion

                            Lakers vs Heat: Mickey Mouse Ring for LeBron sparks debate, fans say 'real basketball fans won't acknowledge it'
LeBron James (Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Lakers may have walloped the Miami Heat 116-98 in Game 1 of the 2020 NBA Finals on Wednesday, September 30, but that didn't stop a few on social media from taking a dig at LeBron James for getting set to earn a 'Mickey Mouse Ring'. The phrase caused an avalanche of tweets as there was a debate if earning a fourth ring was worth it, especially after Miami lost Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo to injuries in the middle of the game. From that moment, it was a downward spiral as Heat failed to stop a red-hot Los Angeles side. Jimmy Butler played through a twisted ankle for his 23 points and five assists, but it wasn't helping as Miami eventually gave up the first win to LeBron James and his men.

On Twitter, the debate soon after the game was just getting started. "Enjoy the Mickey Mouse ring* Real basketball fans won't acknowledge it though," read one of the tweets soon after the Lakers win. "EASIEST path to a mickey mouse ring* of ALL-TIME... - Faced a 35-39 Blazers without Collins & Hood - Faced a midget Rockets team without a player over 6’8” - Didn’t have to face the #2 Clippers, #1 Bucks, or #2 Raptors - Playing a 5-seed in the NBA Finals LeCakewalk," read one of the comments.






The digs just continued. "MJ Age 35 -MVP -Finals MVP -Champion -3peat complete LeMickey Mouse Age 35 -NOT MVP -NOT Finals MVP -Carried by AD -Mickey Mouse ring," one of the fans wrote.



Save for the Lakers fans who were amused at the whole idea about the easy way of getting a ring. "The LeBron hate never ceases to amaze me  “Mickey Mouse ring” literally if anyone else won yall would be calling him trash and saying they’re better. I don’t get it," replied one of the fans to the hate tweets.

This was seconded by a bunch of fans who just wanted to enjoy some basketball. "Y’all calling this a Mickey Mouse ring ... Imagine saying that when the Lakers franchise lost Kobe and still pulled through this. This hate is ridiculous just enjoy the game of basketball," a fan opined.




However, it has to be noted the game is far from over. There have been times when oppositions have bounced back and enforced games and the Denver Nuggets are classic examples when they bounced back against the Los Angeles Clippers earlier this season. 

That said, the injuries to Adebayo, Dragic and Butler are still a cause of concern for the Heat. Despite the fact they are one of the deepest teams in the league, the absence of three players will no doubt leave them smarting. While Duncan Robinson, Andre Iguodala and Jae Crowder managed to hold their own, the Heat will need the services of their star players to face-off a formidable Lakers side who took a few minutes in the first half to actually warm-up. Recent updates say Dragic suffered a plantar tear, but he isn't ruling out his return.

Game 2 is slated for Friday, October 2, 9 pm ET on ABC. 

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