'To All the Boys: PS I Still Love You': Fans cheer for #TeamKavinsky while calling for a John Ambrose spinoff

If you thought you'd seen the last of Peter Kavinsky's charms, we have news for you: he's back, and he's better. Oh and John Ambrose is not bad either

                            'To All the Boys: PS I Still Love You': Fans cheer for #TeamKavinsky while calling for a John Ambrose spinoff
Noah Centineo's Peter Kavinsky and Jordan Fisher's John Ambrose (Netflix)

Spoiler alert

Noah Centineo skyrocketed to fame in 2018 when 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' arrived on Netflix. The story about Lana Condor's Lara Jean Covey — a Korean-American teen and her crushes, was suddenly the Noah Centineo movie thanks to all the dreamy essence he melted into his character, Peter Kavinsky.

And now, after waiting with bated breath to see if his rival in the just-dropped sequel, the charming John Ambrose could defeat Peter's charisma, the giant fandom took to social media to announce that their king of all things swoonworthy still remains undisputed, as fans are still pretty much #TeamKavinsky.

The reason behind this unanimous rekindling of flame for Peter Kavinsky is most likely bound to happen as one nears the end of the movie. The beginning sees Lara Jean go on the first date of her life with Peter.

Ater eating as a fancy restaurant, when the couple goes lantern flying, they end up promising never to break each other's hearts.

Then life throws an imperfect curveball in the form of a perfect John Ambrose (Jordan Fisher) — one of the recipients of Lara Jean's childhood love letters, who gushes back into her life at a time when she can't help but oddly reflect on the differences between her and her boyfriend Peter.

Noah Centineo as Peter Kavinsky and Lana Condor as Lara Jean Covey (Netflix)

The usual relationship drama arises and causes tension and jealousy in Peter and Lara Jean's relationship but worry not, no John can take down the sensation that is Peter, and unanimously along with the fandom, Lara Jean also sees the same light at the end of the movie.

However, that doesn't happen without some heartbreaking scenes and dialogue from Peter, where he finally pulls a Gus Waters from John Green's 'The Fault in Our Stars' and tells Lara Jean she can break his heart all she wants but he'd still love her.

Relatable right? Peter makes it better with the words: "Break my heart, Covey. Break my heart into a thousand pieces. Do Whatever you want." Cue them tissues!

However, once fans were done with all the sobbing and crying ot their hearts' content at how perfect Peter is they channeled the same energy onto Twitter and showered social media with their opinion on how they will be #TeamKavinsky forever.

"Ok...just finished @toalltheboys PS I STILL LOVE YOU...and...let’s just say, tears were shed. I’m still #teamkavinsky and all is right in the world," wrote one fan.

Another shared: "I thought i'd hate noah more and switch to team mcclaren from 0-100, but #TeamKavinsky !!!!!! ps. i still love you is so much better than the book i said what i said." Summing it up for the rest of the fandom was one particular fan who shared a crying gif alongside the caption "this broke my heart there's no going back."


The fandom was, however, ultimately divided as certain fans demanded a John Ambrose spinoff as a tender and kind boyfriend like him "deserves better". The boy is a 90 percent match with Lara Jean and knew her and appreciated her at a time when Peter didn't even know she existed.

He is a Hufflepuff just like Lara Jean and even talked about how someday, there timing will be right and they will find each other. Oh, and let it be known, he plays the piano effortlessly, while fully focussing on an unrelated conversation.

Noting all of that, fans shared their sentiments on Twitter. "When you’re happy for Lara Jean but feel bad for John Ambrose at the same time... John’s heart was pure gold, deserves so much," tweeted a fan, suffixed by several crying emojis.

Another simply asked: "Okay but can John Ambrose have a spin-off where he finds someone to play the piano with him because Jordan Fisher didn’t play that role for his character to just get completely heartbroken like that?"  We hear you! Let's hope Netflix is too!

'To All the Boys: PS I Still Love You' premiered on February 12 and is available for streaming only on Netflix.

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