TLC 'Stuck': Dr Larry Mellick operates on 16-year-old with earring stuck in his earlobe

TLC 'Stuck': Dr Larry Mellick operates on 16-year-old with earring stuck in his earlobe
Dr Larry Mellick operates on Zion in 'Stuck' (TLC)

Earring is one of the statement accessories that can upgrade any outfit. However, who knows that wearing an earring can land you in the emergency room of the hospital. We all have that moment in life where our earrings do get stuck with our hair, clothes, or sometimes in our ear, but this incident will really blow your mind.

'Stuck,' a new medical reality show from TLC. The first episode of TLC's 'Stuck' debuted, and the show's premise revolves around strange objects that become stuck in people's bodies, such as insects, splinters, and vibrators. The show is set in medical clinics where medical experts perform extractions and try to find out how objects ranging from insects to acrylic nails get embedded in people's bodies. The incident centered around a 16-year-old teenager called Zion who had an earring stuck in his right earlobe for a few days. Before coming to the hospital, his mother attempted to remove the earring, but was unable to do so since the back of the earring was completely entrenched in the ear. One thing that really astounds people is the boy's pain tolerance, as one of the physicians tries to remove the earring without using any numbing lotion or anything.


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The earring that was stuck in Zion's earlobe (TLC)



Dr Larry Mellick examined Zion's stuck earrings and said that it's not an average stuck earring, it's something more than that. Also, he informed that the area got infected since the ear was looking swollen. The doctor cleaned the ear first then after applying some cream over it, he tried to remove it with his hands, but the earring didn't come off. And then the doctor noticed the back of the earring is bent so he said that he is going to cut it and then remove it and then at the very moment, Zion asks the doctor if he is talking about cutting the earring right. Finally, the doctors find the instruments and got the earring out. 

Dr Larry Mellick removing the stuck earring (TLC)


Watching this episode makes people realize that anything can get stuck inside them. And those things actually vary from a moth to a splinter, and yes a vibrator too!


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