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TLC 'Stuck': Dr Larry Mellick extracts BB gun pellets from 17-year-old boy's face

'Stuck' showcases the strangest, most intriguing, and simply amazing medical procedures
Dr Larry Mellick and Jeremiah in TLC's 'Stuck' (TLC)
Dr Larry Mellick and Jeremiah in TLC's 'Stuck' (TLC)

 TLC's 'Stuck' appears to have piqued people's interest. The medical reality show focuses on disturbing medical cases involving people who have foreign items stuck in their bodies. The show is set in medical clinics, where they perform extractions and try to find out how items ranging from insects to acrylic nails get lodged in people's bodies. Some of the doctors' treatment methods are unconventional, and the audience might be interested in learning more about them.

Dr Larry Mellick is one of the most experienced doctors featured in the series. With 40 years of expertise, this man has seen a lot of different things stuck within people's bodies and one of his favorite stories is about a charming lady at his clinic who had stiletto heels lodged behind her eyeballs. He says who knows the stiletto could be a significant weapon. This woman could definitely give competition to Brittany who came to the ER with a vibrator lodged in her rectum.


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Lady who had stiletto heels lodged into her eyeball (TLC)

Jeremiah, a 17-year-old teenager, had BB gun pellets lodged inside his face. The boy and his friends were having fun when the bullets embedded them into his face. His mom's initial instinct was to rush him to the emergency room. Dr Larry first brought a magnet and covered it with a glove before attempting to remove the BB gun pellet from his face with the help of tweezers. The tweezers, on the other hand, were useless. So Dr Mellick used plan B, which was basically trying to burst a pimple (site where bullet was lodged) with his hands while another doctor held the magnet and tried to get the pellet to the surface, and Dr Mellick squeezed Jeremiah's face and built some pressure like how we burst pimples and was successfully able to dislodge the foreign objects from the teen's face.

Jeremiah face with the BB stuck inside (TLC)

Jeremiah was a good sport all along and decided he would keep the pellet as a souvenir.

Non powder guns, defined as spring- or gas-powered BB or pellet guns, can be dangerous weapons that are often marketed to children. Non powder guns are weapons with the ability to penetrate a child’s skull and brain. This episode of TLC's 'Stuck' can be a good lesson in awareness for parents, children, and policymakers as to the risk posed by these weapons.