TLC Outdaughtered: Are the Busby family planning on expanding?

The Busby family have their own TLC reality show, and also happen to be the family with the only all-female set of quintuplets in America!

                            TLC Outdaughtered: Are the Busby family planning on expanding?
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The Busbys are almost here! Yes, all of them - and tagging along with them is a big, big question: is their family going to grow even bigger? The world already knows that the little ones are growing up super fast. Princess Blayke is seven-years-old now, meaning that her set of quintuplet sisters - who also happen to be the only all-female set of quintuplets in America - are already three! And while their parents - Adam and Danielle - gear up for their fresh return on Season 3 of TLC's 'Outdaughtered', fans and followers can't help but wonder if the two-hour long July 10 premiere will show them exasperated about how they have their hands full, or just boom with the news of expanding their family further and beyond! 

While neither Adam nor Danielle have come out in the open and confirmed whether or not they want to have more kids, it's no secret that having six children - that too all under the age of eight - is a tough job. And exhausting, and pretty expensive too. While adding more members to their preexisting six pack would only do the title of their family reality TV show 'Outdaughtered' justice, for now, it's a given that with Blayke, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker Kate, the Busbys are quite occupied.

But speaking of kiddie-additions to the family, it does not necessarily mean that they have to be the human kind as Daddy Busby was recently seen showing a fair amount of interest in a four-legged variety that might soon be welcomed to join the clan - sooner or later.

Back in January, In Touch Weekly reported that Adam had taken the girls to visit an animal shelter to play with some baby, furry friends that had been displaced by the Hurricane Harvey. Taking to Instagram, Adam had shared the most heartfelt and touching post about the little critters his girls had indulged in paying and petting, and how they were even able to find suitable homes for some of them.

Also mentioning how they aren't quite able to bring one to their home at the time, Adam had written: "It’s so sad seeing the many animals displaced and affected by [H]urricane Harvey at local animal shelters. We may not be quite ready for one of our own just yet, but we were able to spend a few hours at a local shelter walking and playing with a few. The girls sure seemed to enjoy it and hopefully it was a great change of pace for the animals."

While they might not have been too ready to welcome one of the furry friends to their home at that point, it wouldn't be too surprising if they, in fact, adopt one of them soon, considering how beloved their pets have been to the Busby parents, in the past. It's clear from the family's blog called It's a Buzz World, where they used to document their lives before they started being on 'Outdaughtered.'

Back in 2014, Blayke was just a toddler and this was a time before the quintuplets were even born. At that time, Danielle had posted a heartbreaking entry on the family's blog, saying how they had to put their dog, Zoee, to sleep. "It’s so crazy how we become so attached to our pets," she wrote. "Zoe was such a sweetheart and a gentle giant of a boxer. She loved Blayke and was Blayke’s companion from the start. We are sure going to miss her."

The family's other dog, Maggie, also, unfortunately, passed away not all that long after Zoe. Maggie, however, got to feature in the family's reality TV show and social media fame. An Aug. 30, 2016 post by Adam shows a tiny Hazel trying to invade a rather patient's Maggie's personal space, while she tried to doze on the carpet. It was followed up with another Maggie post in next January where four out of the five quints were trying to reach her.

But sadly, Maggie couldn't survive the entirety of season two as, by the time the second half of it aired in July 217, she had already passed away. Leyla Preston's summary of the season on Motherhood Diaries also details Blayke tearfully remembering Maggie and lamenting the loss - which is also what spurred Adam with the idea of getting another dog and setting the bill in motion past Danielle. 

"His idea to get a new dog for the family, however," Preston writes, "wasn’t very well received by Danielle, who has enough on her plate anyway! But, as a testament to her attitude, she doesn’t shoot him down, instead agreeing to talk about it at a later date." So is Season 3 going to be the mentioned 'later date'? Because as per Danielle interview with People magazine, the quints don't have to be diapered anymore... So maybe it's time for another baby to replace that?

But maybe Adam won't really push his luck all that hard this time since even after having spent 12 years together with his lady love, his track record with impressing her wasn't anything worth commending. But the poor lad kept trying, and pursuing her indeed. And the now easily couple-goals title winning Busby couple do go way back into the past with their first dates and the relationship in general.

The couple's first few dates - or attempts at it, at the least - were disasters. Speaking to Country Living, Danielle shared: "[I was] stood up on our first date, then found out our actual next date was a surprise for me to go meet his entire family at his sister’s birthday party," Danielle recalled. "God must have been in the works here making our hearts collide."