TLC's 'My Feet Are Killing Me': Release date, where to watch and all about reality series

TLC's 'My Feet Are Killing Me': Release date, where to watch and all about reality series
Dr Brad Schaeffer and Dr. Ebonie Vincent as seen on 'My Feet Are Killing Me' (Instagram/ doctor.bradley)

For all you fans that are absolutely unfazed by medical reality shows, a fan-favorite makes its way back to the screen -- get ready for Season 3 of 'My Feet Are Killing Me'. 

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Release date

'My Feet Are Killing Me' premieres on Wednesday, August 4 at 10 pm EST.

How to watch

You can livestream the series on TLC.


As per the show's synopsis -- "Dr Ebonie, Dr Brad and Dr Sarah are back to treat exceptional foot maladies, including a condition so rare that only eight people in the world have ever been diagnosed with it. In these new episodes, the doctors perform transformational work on patients with everything from literal horns to bark-like growths on their feet - they'll even see a woman who appears to have permanent stilettos on her heels, an extremely rare condition called Olmstead Syndrome.

The doctors will use their expertise and compassion to help their patients put their best foot forward to reclaim their lives. Additionally, in the digital series 'My Feet Are Killing Me: Foot Notes', premiering on TLC and later on Discovery+, Dr Brad, Dr Ebonie, and Dr Sarah provide their point of view on never-before-seen cases. Join the conversation using the hashtag #MyFeetAreKillingMe."


Dr Ebonie Vincent 
Dr Ebonie Vincent hails from Temecula, California. She studied at Hampton University in Virginia and earned her Master of Biomedical Science from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. She also has a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from Des Moines University, Iowa. She specializes in minimally invasive surgical techniques, corrective and reconstructive foot and sports medicine.

Dr Ebonie maintains a very holistic approach to her practice. "Everyone comes with a unique set of problems and while there are standard forms of treatment for certain diseases, I treat each person and their issue individually, and not just their given diagnosis. The insight I gain from our initial consultation allows me the benefit of developing my patient's personal, custom treatment plan," as mentioned on her website



Dr Brad Schaeffer
Dr Brad Schaeffer attended Palm Beach Atlantic University in Palm Beach, Florida. He is a Biology Major, Chemistry Minor and Business Minor and the winner of the Christian Leadership Scholarship, Sailfish Award and Provost Scholarship. He also completed NBPME board part II and I and also became BLS and ACLS Certified. Apart from this, Dr Brad Schaeffer is CPR certified and HIPPA trained.


Dr Sarah Haller
A highly trained professional, Dr Haller has multiple certifications, such as Arthroscopy Associate of North America (AANA), Advanced Internal Fixation/Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot and Ankle (AAFAO) and Comprehensive Internal Fixation/Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot and Ankle (AAFAO).

She has a Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from the Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine and her undergraduate degree in biology from Columbia College. She completed her fellowship at the Weil Foot & Ankle Institute in Chicago, Illinois, and completed a residency at Hoboken University Medical Center, where she was the Chief Foot and Ankle Surgical Resident. 



As per the trailer for Season 3, the doctors see some rather gnarly and heartbreaking cases as they gear up to change lives, one step at a time.


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