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'sMothered': Brittani and Mary shower together, disgusted fans say 'not normal at all'

'sMothered' cast members get a chance to watch the show and comment on some of the scenes but one thing that took people by surprise was Brittani and Mary's shower scene
Brittani and Mary (TLC)
Brittani and Mary (TLC)

'sMothered' finale left everyone smiling after Angelica and Jason got engaged and also announced their pregnancy. While there have been no new details about a new season, viewers will get a chance to watch the show with the cast members in a 'Pillow Talk' version. 

Fans of the show had been asking for this version for a long time and it looks like their wish has finally been granted. The preview for the episode showcased all the mother-daughter duo getting a chance to re-watch their episode and also comment on other mothers' relationships with their daughters. In the clip, one can see the scene where Brittani and Mary shower together. The pair have always been close to each other and their bond has been unbreakable. Right from taking shower together to getting plastic surgery on the same day, there is nothing off-limits for this pair. However, it might seem a bit extreme for some people. 

Looking at the scene, Marcia and Alena did not seem comfortable. The two looked at the screen with surprise and seemed to be speechless. Meanwhile, Cher and Dawn, who also share a close bond, thought taking shower was a bit extreme and a big no. However, the only mother-daughter pair who did not seem to mind this was Angelica and Sunhe. Just like Brittani and Mary, Angelica and Sunhe are also known to have showers together. The duo thinks it is the best way to bond and there is no shame in it. However, viewers did not seem to be a fan of this scene and many were quick to express their feeling. 

"Not normal at all," read one comment. "That’s so disturbing. Imagine if father and son did the same," another wrote. "If my daughter was sick and she needed help in the shower, ok I will be there but I will be wearing a Bathing suit. Other than that this is just way too much," wrote another. 

Meanwhile, others thought that they needed help as the comment read, "EEK!!! Ask Dr. Phil about his view. Let’s hear his thoughts." While this scene, in particular, left many shocked, you will have to tune in to watch the show to get to see more reactions from the mother-daughter pair. 

'sMothered' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC.