'Titans' Season 2 Episode 9 'Atonement' promo reveals Blackfire is coming to Earth just when the team is at its weakest

'Titans' Season 2 Episode 9 'Atonement' promo reveals Blackfire is coming to Earth just when the team is at its weakest

Starfire / Koriand'r (Anna Diop) is one of the most powerful members of the Titans and in all honesty, there aren't too many villains out there who could give her much of a challenge. However, when compared to her sister Blackfire, Kory is sorely outmatched.

A promotional video for 'Titans' Season 2 Episode 9 reveals that Kory is going to be facing a challenge from her villainous sister, who seems to have arrived on Earth in search of Kory.

The last time we properly dealt with Kory's arc was actually quite some time ago and ever since she locked the Tamaranean royal guard Faddei (Robbie Jones) in her old spaceship, we haven't heard a word about the decision Kory is supposed to make. 

Earlier in the season, Faddei had delivered an ultimatum to Kory: return to Tamaran and become queen or Faddei would be killed and Blackfire would ascend the throne.

Fans of the comics and the 'Teen Titans' animated series would remember just how violent and unstable Blackfire is and if her 'Titans' version is anything like her previous appearances, her arrival could lead to massive destruction and loss of life. 


As far as the Titans themselves are concerned, Starfire's little family drama couldn't have come at a worse time. The synopsis for the episode reveals that in the aftermath of Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) revealing his part in the murder of Jericho Wilson (Chella Man), the team goes their separate ways.


Here's the full synopsis: "In the aftermath of Dick's confession, the Titans' world is rocked to the core — and Dick's fear that his secret would break the group up comes true; the heroes abandon Titans Tower and go their separate ways; Faddei has returned with bad news."

The threat of Blackfire will probably bring the team together and heal the rift between Dick and his friends but we're yet to get an explanation for all the strange, spooky things that have been happening in Titans Tower and Deathstroke is still out there so there are still a whole lot of unanswered questions.

Hopefully, the upcoming episode will shed some light on how all these loose ends are going to be tied together. 'Titans' Season 2 Episode 9 'Atonement' will arrive on DC Universe on November 1.


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