'Tiny Pretty Things' Episode 2: Who locked June and Nabil on the roof? Here's how Bette might be sabotaging Neveah

Ramon picks June and Nabil to dance for the board of directors which is a huge deal, but things don't go as planned

                            'Tiny Pretty Things' Episode 2: Who locked June and Nabil on the roof? Here's how Bette might be sabotaging Neveah

Spoilers for 'Tiny Pretty Things'

Episode 2 'Range of Motion' sees a lot of drama at the elite Archer School of Ballet, where purging and dancing on swollen Achilles isn't the only problem. After Cassie Shore (Anna Maiche) was pushed off the ledge of the roof in Episode 1 'Corps', her school that called it a slip and fall made their amends by installing time lock doors. But that wasn't what was on the students' minds. They were more focused on snagging the lead roles of Ramon Costa (Bayardo De Murguia) play 'Ripper'. While Archers' head Madame Monique Dubois (Lauren Holly) doesn't like the idea of the story of Jack The Ripper being danced in a ballet, Ramon feels otherwise and decides that he will show an excerpt of the play to Hadrian Talbot, the board's chair, and after he does the auditions, he will pick a pair to perform for the board.

Bette Whitlaw (Casimere Jollette), who has a mother who lacks motherly instincts as a parent, is quite hurt, but she manages to keep dancing despite her injury. In fact, she even gets painkillers from her mother to get past her injury. Neveah Stroyer (Kylie Jefferson) and June Park (Daniela Norman) also prepare by helping each other with the choreography. After Ramon completed auditions, he ended up shortlisting eight of the ballet dancers — Nabil Limyadi (Michael Hsu Rosen), Oren Lennox (Barton Cowperthwaite), June and Neveah are among the ones picked, but Bette isn't one of them.

That of course along with an insensitive mother and a star principal dancer sister Delia Whitlaw (Tory Trowbridge) who's training with Ramon, puts Bette in an awful spot. Bette who has been friends with June since they were 13 takes this time to make sure June is against Neveah. "When you help her, you are only hurting yourself," she tells June. But, Bette has more up her sleeve. Bette decides to ask her boyfriend Oren to teach her and her ballet partner Shane (Brennan Clost) Ramon's choreography — Bette and Shane perfect it.

During practice, Ramon picks June and Nabil to dance for the board of directors, which is a huge deal, but things don't go as planned. Right before they were to perform, June visits Nabil on the roof where he is praying. As they were about to leave, they realize that they are locked on the roof. Obviously, they miss their chance to perform for the board, but as predicted, Bette and Shane were there to save the day. In fact, they ended up being cast as leads in 'Ripper' by Ramon. Of course, June is devastated and so is Nabil. They each have enemies that they think did this. 

Nabil thinks it was Caleb (Damon J Gillespie), his roommate, who doesn't like the fact that Nabil is Muslim. He doesn't even like it when Nabil prays and tells him, "This is my bedroom, not a stinking mosque." Caleb's father was part of the military and he thinks people like Nabil were the reason why his father is dead. "You guys killed him," he tells Nabil and by that he most likely means Muslims.

June, on the other hand, thinks it was Neveah who locked her out, thanks to Bette's manipulation. Neveah doesn't like June for many things. She claims June stole her music box ballerina which she ended up finding in June's things (June says she didn't put it there). June ended up calling Bette to the club the group was at because Neveah was dancing with Oren, but the last straw was when June told officer Isabel Cruz (Jess Salguiero) that Neveah got a white rose and a note that said "your turn to fly" because Cassie too was found with a rose next to her body. 

In truth though, it was all Bette's doing. She was the one who asked a worker that installed the doors to jam it on the roof, but no one knows this piece of information. So, now with June against Neveah, there is a lot that could go down. We're thinking that Bette was the one who had stolen the music box ballerina and put it in June's things. Bette even said this to her mom, "I'm doing crazy awful things just to stay in the game. It's getting harder to feel like I'm even a good person" — so there's that.

Unfortunately though, it doesn't seem like June or Bette might be going far in ballet anytime soon because June's mother who doesn't believe in ballet as a career is taking her back to New York because she didn't make principal dancer, and Bette's injury was finally caught by Alan who noticed from Bette's dancing that she had a stress fracture second metatarsal. So for all that Bette did to get the role in 'Ripper' she might not even get medical clearance to play it.

'Tiny Pretty Things' is now available to stream on Netflix.

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