Timothy Fehring's teacher Geoff Vezey sent DESPERATE TEXTS to save him in tragic last moments

Timothy Fehring's teacher Geoff Vezey sent DESPERATE TEXTS to save him in tragic last moments
Timothy Fehring (L) was accompanied by teacher Geoff Vezey (R) on his ill-fated European tour (Twitter/@9NewsMelb and Twitter)

Text messages exchanged between two teachers who were on a European tour with 17 students, including Timothy Fehring, have revealed the frantic and tragic last moments of the teenager. Assistant principal of Melbourne's Blackburn High School Geoff Vezey was with Fehring in his final moments on June 28, 2019, when he died, and messages released by the State Coroner showed his desperateness to save the youngster.


As per reports, on the fateful day, Vezey had accompanied Fehring to a doctor to get a medical certificate for him so that he could fly back home to Melbourne. The 15-year-old had been feeling sick since June 23 after landing in Berlin. After consulting the doctor, the 52-year-old teacher remained inside the office to pay the charges while the school boy came outside, claiming inside it was “hot and stuffy” inside.



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However, after coming outside the office, Vezey saw Fehring lying unconscious on the floor covered in his own vomit and some blood. The school’s business manager Ms Taylor had also come on the trip with them but the teacher couldn’t call her and instead sent her a message, saying: “Are you outside the entrance? Tim is extremely unwell… I am on the first floor outside the doctors. I cannot wake him.”

Taylor then reportedly asked him if they required an ambulance, Vezey replied, “yes” and also noted, “I need medical people. He has vomited all over himself. Blood is coming out of his nose and I cannot wake him. He is in a trance.” Later, he messaged Taylor again, claiming, “The doctor is helping me now,” before she said, “Ambulance is coming.”

Fehring was then rushed to the hospital in Vienna but doctors were unable to save him. An autopsy report by the Medical University of Vienna said that the teen had “copious bacteria and fungi” in his lungs and blood, which led to “a highly acute course of an infection which may have led in the end to a fatal cardiovascular failure”. However, a second autopsy conducted in Victoria declared his death due to natural causes.

Meanwhile, after Fehring’s death, not only his family but Vezey was also left devastated and he died of a heart attack in April 2021. The teacher’s family claimed he suffered an “acute psychiatric injury” after the teen’s death. It has been said that the man found it impossible to live normally after the June 2019 tragedy and went through anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and post traumatic stress disorder.

Vezey’s family has also sued Victoria's Department of Education for his death and wants a judge-only trial in the County Court. At the assistant principal’s funeral, his wife Johanna Walker remembered him as “an honourable man with a strong moral compass. He was a very loving husband and father and we have been richer for having him in our lives. We love him dearly and words cannot express our loss and how much we'll miss him.”



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Walker also added that Vezey “wore his heart on his sleeve and always told the children how much he loved them. Living with Geoff was never dull. From the instant he was awake, he was talking.”


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