'Love Island' USA: Fans threaten to send Timmy and Bria home next, if Zeta is eliminated

'Love Island' USA: Fans threaten to send Timmy and Bria home next, if Zeta is eliminated
'Love Island' stars Bria, Timmy, and Zeta (Peacock)

The recoupling ceremonies are getting more and more dramatic as the new bombshells continue to drop into the 'Love Island' villa. While the islanders were still reeling in from the shock of Andy Voyen and Sydney Paight's shocking coupling, two new bombshells- Bria and Chazz Bryant walked into the villa ready to further shake things up. The siblings' duo kept up their end of the bargain by giving us way more drama than expected.

From Chazz snitching on Andy and Courtney's kiss prior to the recoupling to Isaiah, to Bria choosing Sereniti Springs as her brother's new partner, the sibling duo has definitely spiced things up. After Bria chose Sereniti for him, Chazz returned the favor by partnering his sister with Zeta's partner Timmy. While Bria was pleased with being partnered with someone who had "high emotional intelligence" and Chazz felt that the new York rapper would treat his sister right, Zeta and 'Love Island' fans didn't share the same feeling. Zeta openly expressed her displeasure over the recoupling, as she felt blindsided by Timmy's sudden attraction to the bombshell. On the other hand, fans called out Timmy for not being entirely honest with Zeta about his interest in pursuing Bria and also putting Zeta at the risk of elimination owing to her newly single status, alongside Sereniti's partner Tyler.


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'Love Island' star Timmy (Peacock)
'Love Island' star Timmy (Peacock)



Several fans took to Twitter to call out Tyler for running his relationship with Zeta by being sneaky. A fan tweeted, "#LoveIslandUSA Lowkey Bria is a blessing in disguise because we got to see Timmy being trash." "#LoveIslandUSA I'm sorry but Timmy was literally campaigning to get with Bria. It was super weird, telling Zeta one thing and going after Bria like she was the last slice of lightskin bread. He's legit scum," wrote a fan. "I want Bria to find a connection, just not with Timmy. #LoveIslandUSA," commented a fan.







Fans also threatened to vote out Bria and Timmy at the first chance they get if Zeta is sent home by the islanders. A fan shared, "If Zeta goes home over Tyler I’m voting Timmy & Bria out the first chance we get. #LoveIslandUSA." "If Zeta leaves mark my word Bria and Timmy next! #LoveIslandUSA," seconded a fan. "If zeta goes home Imma make sure Bria and Timmy are at the bottom everytime! #weonsmoke #LoveIslandUSA," declared a fan.





We'll just have to wait and watch to see how things pan out between Zeta, Timmy, and Bria.

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