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Tim Heidecker reveals he has 'no plans' to work with Andrew Callaghan after sexual assault allegations

'It’s been a very painful week for us, a very difficult experience to process,' Tim Heidecker said
UPDATED JAN 13, 2023
Tim Heidecker dumps Andrew Callaghan over sexual assault allegations (Tim Heidecker YouTube screengrab and Instagram)
Tim Heidecker dumps Andrew Callaghan over sexual assault allegations (Tim Heidecker YouTube screengrab and Instagram)

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA: Tim Heidecker has kicked off Andrew Callaghan claiming he has "no plans" to work with him amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. The comedian who was also serving as producer on Callaghan's documentary 'This Place Rules', somberly apologized for not speaking about the incident sooner as it caused a huge roar on social media platforms in recent days.

“It’s been a very painful week for us, a very difficult experience to process,” Heidecker said in his YouTube live stream 'Office Hours'. “We didn’t want to just rush out and say something that felt insincere or a ‘crisis person told us what to say’ kind of thing. I don’t think that’s helpful.” The documentarian has been accused by two separate women saying he pressured them into having sex against their will. Since the allegations have surfaced on the internet, Callaghan has not addressed them in person.


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“And we just wanted to wrap our heads around it and talk about it and try to understand it more,” Heidecker continued in his remarks. “But of course, we’re aware of the allegations. We take them very seriously. And it’s just been very sad and just disappointing, to say the least. I just want to clarify a couple things. We have no professional relationship with Andrew at this time and have no plans going forward to have any relationship with him,” reported The  Daily Beast


Heidecker further added that he feels “terrible that this film now has these allegations tied to it, because some very good people worked very hard on it.” “But it’s just a movie, and I want to say we believe these women that came forward and, of course, totally condemn the type of behavior that Andrew’s being accused of." He asserted, “I believe it’s up to Andrew to address these allegations and do so openly and honestly. And I really hope he does do that as soon as possible.”


Internet users applauded Heidecker for speaking up about the allegations. One user wrote, ""Tim Heidecker’s statement about Andrew Callaghan was well put but it’s interesting how he implied Andrew’s Channel 5 sharing the name of Tim and Eric’s Channel 5 (from 2019) wasn’t his choice." Another added, "Tim Heidecker, Ethan Klein and Hasan Piker have all more or less condemned Andrew Callaghan I'm still sad and like, pissed. Why is it that hard to not be a horny weirdo creep." "So disappointing the whole thing! I’m glad that most people are taking in seriously though," third said. A tweet read, "Andrew was one of the internet's hottest properties, now this" "one thing the conversation about the Andrew Callaghan allegations is showing me is that people have no clue what coercion is. if you have to WEAR SOMEONE DOWN until they eventually give in & say “yes”, that is NOT consent. i cant believe this has to be explained to grown adults," stated a tweet.






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