Where to find Tony Lopez if TikTok is banned? Star tries to convince Trump, Internet calls him 'worst creator'

Content creators depending on the app for a source of income will be forced to consider an alternative career

                            Where to find Tony Lopez if TikTok is banned? Star tries to convince Trump, Internet calls him 'worst creator'
(TikTok/Tony Lopez)

Major TikTok star Tony Lopez is one of the many content creators left in the lurch as Trump announced a ban on the popular short-form video platform. Reports surfacing on Friday, July 31, suggested that Trump was set to ban the app through executive action starting on Saturday, August 1. Desperate to save the app, Lopez was one of many stars doing everything they can to change Trump's mind about the app.

For Lopez, this also included sending a direct message to Trump on Twitter that read, "Yo fam, don't ban TikTok we need that s*t." He also shared a video of himself a couple of hours ago across all his social media including Instagram and Twitter where he is doing a step that looks like something straight out of the #SavageChallenge, the one where users danced to Megan Thee Stallion's song.

He jokingly captioned the video as "Me trying to convince Trump not to ban Tik Tok". This is a rather tough time for all TikTok content creators given the exposure they enjoy and the revenues that the app brings in for them. However, Lopez is taking it all in his stride and riding this phase with humor and he also confirmed where to find him if the President indeed follows through with his plan to ban the app.

Certain fans were of the opinion that Lopez could most likely be found working the takeout window at the nearest McDonalds and he gave a nod to this assumption by retweeting a hilarious fan-made video. Taking his original video and morphing a McDonald's cap on his head and adding a window in the foreground, the fan jokingly captioned the video as, "Tony Lopez spotted working a shift at McDonald's after the news of TikTok getting banned."


Lopez might have his fans but a large section of people also hate him after he came under the scanner for allegedly asking underage girls for their photos and a lot of them blame him as the sole reason for TikTok being banned. Here are some of the comments. 








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