Woman recording herself working out in gym on TikTok inadvertently catches PERV filming her

The man can be seen recording the woman with his smartphone camera in the six-second footage posted on TikTok

                            Woman recording herself working out in gym on TikTok inadvertently catches PERV filming her
Screengrabs from the footage posted by the TikTok user (Photo by @marzii10/TikTok)

After finding that a man at the gym had been surreptitiously recording her while she was working out, a lady expressed her outrage on social media. @marziii10, a TikTok user from the United States, was filming herself lifting weights in front of the mirror when she accidentally recorded a stranger filming her surreptitiously. "I am disgusted," she commented on the on-screen text of the video. "I was recording myself, and it looks like I wasn't the only one."

The man can be seen recording her with his smartphone camera in the six-second footage. He casually places his bag near her phone, perhaps to get a better photo, and then walks away as she begins to turn back. "I didn’t notice until I watched the video in my car…"  she said in the post, revealing that she had no idea he was recording her until after she left the gym.


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The stranger's cellphone camera was pointed directly at her and recorded her working out
(Photo by @marziii10/TikTok)

The disturbing TikTok video has gotten over 3.1 million views and hundreds of comments. One person added, "Aaaaad this is why I go to an all-girls gym," while another suggested, "Def expose him to a manager at the very least." Someone replied, "Show a manager. They have the authority to revoke his membership."

There were also a few males who attempted to defend the man, which sparked anger in the comments area. One TikToker remarked, "Any guy in here defending him, you can get in the creep boat with him. No reason to defend this unless you do this yourself boys."

"This comment section shows it's most guys cause a lot of you are showing you don't understand consent," someone else wrote. The woman offered a comprehensive narrative of what transpired in a follow-up video, revealing that she had positioned her camera against a machine and was watching herself to assess her development and form.

The woman was working out in the gym when she caught the man "recording her." (TikTok)

She believed her phone was in the path of the man walking by and turned around to move it. She even apologised for having it pushed up against the machine. "However, I had no idea he was filming me," she admitted. "It wasn't until I got into my car after my workout and re-watched my video that I realised he was recording me. I was completely disgusted. My stomach sank to the floor."

'He's lucky I was late for work because else I would have rushed in there and said, 'What the hell?," she continued. In her most recent video, she discussed the shocking response she's gotten from individuals, notably males, who backed the stranger who recorded her without her permission. "I believe my video is being viewed on the incorrect side of TikTok," she explained. "Like, what's the matter with men? Most guys, at least. But, as I said, I'm perplexed. Baffled. After I publish my tale, I continue to receive comments from individuals who support this man. You are the problem if you don't recognise a problem," she concluded.

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