Tiger Woods' ex Erica Herman sues golf legend for $30M alleging trickery and sexual abuse

Tiger Woods' ex Erica Herman sues golf legend for $30M alleging trickery and sexual abuse
Erica Herman said Tiger Woods made her sign a non-disclosure agreement when they started dating in 2017 (Douglas P DeFelice/Getty Images)

JUPITER, FLORIDA: In the newly-released court documents, Tiger Woods' ex-girlfriend Erica Herman has claimed that the golfer tricked her into leaving his Florida estate under the deception of taking a "short vacation" before locking her out during their ugly and devastating breakup. 


Woods' ex-girlfriend had reportedly dragged the golf legend to court over making her forcefully sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) when there was evidence of sexual assault and rape, TMZ reported. In 2017, when their relationship started, Erica alleged that Woods had made her sign the agreement. 


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Erica Herman claims she was booted out using 'trickery'

In October 2022, Herman, 38, had filed a landlord complaint stating that Woods, 47, had booted her from his expansive Jupiter home using "trickery" and had persistently refused to let her back in, the court filings obtained by New York Post suggested. 


Erica Herman wants NDA to be made unenforceable

Erica Herman contends in her court documents that the Speak Out Act, which forbids the enforcement of an NDA signed before a dispute involving sexual assault or sexual harassment emerges, should be used to declare the NDA unenforceable. The couple's split, although remaining secret, has come to light following the news about the court battle which has been ongoing for months. Herman says she's eager to share her experiences with Tiger after NDA is declared invalid.

'Locked out of her residence'

As per court documents, those representing the Woods trust persuaded Herman to pack a suitcase for a short vacation and, when she arrived at the airport, they told her she had been "locked out of her residence in violation of the oral tenancy agreement and in violation" of the Florida law.


Herman, as per the report, alleges that Woods paid for a “hotel room and certain expenses for a short period of time” and “frightened her away from returning” to the property. Her personal items were then taken by those working for Woods along with $40,000 cash, before making “scurrilous and defamatory allegations about how she obtained the money.” 

Herman says she had an 'oral agreement' to stay for 11 years  

Herman said in the landlord's lawsuit that she and the golf champion had an "oral agreement" that allowed her to stay at the home for a total of 11 years and that she still had five years left when he ended their relationship. Herman claimed in court documents that she was due around $30 million in damages.


Woods denies all allegations 

In the court filings, Woods responded to his ex-girlfriend's lawsuit by claiming that Herman was the one who took her items out of his house and told him she wouldn't come back. Herman couldn't assert she was a tenant, according to Woods' attorney because oral tenancy agreements are only valid for up to a year in Florida. 

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 Tiger Woods' ex Erica Herman sues golf legend for $30M alleging trickery and sexual abuse