'TI & Tiny': TI finds out that Tiny went behind his back to help their son King win a bet

The mother-son duo went on a secret road trip to Chattanooga to feel out the place after finding out King has a good following there

                            'TI & Tiny': TI finds out that Tiny went behind his back to help their son King win a bet

King Harris's musical career has been a bone of contention between his famous parents TI and Tiny Harris. Last week viewers witnessed the couple having a huge disagreement after TI bet King to sell out a 300-people venue on a weeknight after which he would make all the investments that his son needed to fund his musical career that he's excited about. June 1 episode saw Tiny going behind her husband's back to help their son win the bet. 

TI wanted to make his son understand that he will have to work harder to achieve things in life. However, Tiny thought it was unfair on TI's part to issue a challenge like that and she argued with her husband for letting their son think that it was possible to sell out those many tickets on a school night. TI, on the other hand, had set up his mind and was ready to teach King that as he begins his journey as a hopeful rap artist, he needs to learn that things won't always be easy and will only come with hard work and perseverance and was not exactly happy with TI's ways to teach a lesson to King. He also mentioned that the thing that 'irks' him is Tiny telling him "how to tell King to be a man". He knew that someone needs to tell King a "no" and wanted to "handle" it in his own way. 

In the episode, without TI in the know, Tiny embarks on a road trip with King to Chattanooga after discovering that the latter enjoys a good following in that area. “The promoters in Chattanooga invited us down to feel this out, see if he has enough fans there, and see if this is a great place for us to do a show,” revealed Tiny. King was very 'grateful' to Tiny and knew that she'd do anything to help him. “If I lose this bet, it could mess up my music career,” admitted King before hoping that his father shouldn't find out that he "asked the Queen of Atlanta" to help him out. 

The mother-son duo did a radio show before King's meet-and-greet in the area where a good number of fans came in to see him. Happy at the turnout, they deduced that it would be a great idea to do the bet concert in Chattanooga. However, TI was keeping an eye on this trip of theirs. “I know good and damn well that Tameka and King went up to Chattanooga without telling me,” he said. “You want to keep a secret? Stay off Instagram! Don’t take pictures! It's alright, it will be straightened out". He had planned to talk to his wife after the charity kickball game that they were playing for cancer relief. However, Tiny's team lost, upsetting her, post which TI decided that it'd be better to bring up this conversation another time. 

'TI & Tiny' airs on Monday nights on Vh1.

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