'TI and Tiny': Tommi doubles up as LeToya's manager, unhappy fans say he's doing it for the 10 percent cut

The current season saw the couple being in a bad place in their marriage and Tommi mistreating and abandoning her

                            'TI and Tiny': Tommi doubles up as LeToya's manager, unhappy fans say he's doing it for the 10 percent cut
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Monday night's episode of 'T.I. and Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle' saw Tommicus Walker aka Tommi doubling up as his wife LeToya Luckett's manager. After a couple of tough weeks in their marriage that was well-documented on the show, viewers saw them arriving at a good place in last week's episode. Things have fallen in the right place for the couple who have now gone back to being happy and Tommi was seen taking extra efforts to make LeToya happy and that also included helping her in her professional endeavor. For instance, he booked her a radio gig on Dish Nation that she co-hosted with her friend Shawntae Harris aka Da Brat and together the ladies interviewed comedian Heather McDonald. 

After the interview in a friendly chat with Da Brat, LeToya told her how happy she is with Tommi involved and that he was the one who figured she loves Dish Nation and booked her on to co-host it. She also mentioned that he's been working on booking her for speaking engagements as well. In the green room interview, she admitted that she felt a certain type of way about Tommi's "managerial role" but now she's "happy and proud" of him. 

Later in the episode, she was seen recording her Christmas EP and had people from the record label coming in to listen to her and Tommi was by her side the entire time. This, even when the songs was made to cater to people who were alone on holidays and LeToya admitting that she's channeled some of the hurt that her relationship with Tommi had caused her in the past, in the song. However, fans of the show have still not forgotten the way Tommi treated her in the past. As much as LeToya might be happy with him but her fans flooded social media with tweets, some even warning him to treat her better.

"Basically Tommie we ain't playing bout LeToya so be careful with her. #FamilyHustle" tweeted a fan. "Do we know what Tommi does for a living? (Before LeToya) #FamilyHustle" wrote another. "I don’t know LeToya. I bet he is happy now he getting that 10% #FamilyHustle" read another tweet. 

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