'TI & Tiny': TI apologizes for Deyjah's hymen checks, fans say 'he's a toxic dad playing victim'

Viewers saw Deyjah's mother Ranniqua appear on TI's podcast to address hymen-gate. After a lot of back and forth, the rapper admitted he did not understand the whole thing and was wrong

                            'TI & Tiny': TI apologizes for Deyjah's hymen checks, fans say 'he's a toxic dad playing victim'

The tension that arose due to TI's comments over his daughter Deyjah's hymen in a podcast in last week's episode reached an all-new high on tonight's (June 22) episode. Deyjah was determined to put some space between herself and TI and refused to return the latter's calls after their Mexico holiday. The rapper was in touch with his daughter's mother Ranniqua to know if she was doing okay. He even invited Ranniqua to speak on Deyjah's behalf on his podcast 'ExpediTIously'. 

Even though Ranniqua thinks that Deyjah's sexuality didn't need to be discussed in an interview, she asked the listeners to "give this man a little bit of slack". She even explained to him that the presence or absence of a hymen is no indication that a woman is sexually active. She also pulled him up for his "misogynist" behavior and asked if he'd do the same with his sons. After a lot of back and forth, TI finally admitted that he was wrong. "Due to my own ignorance of certain issues. I understand now that I don't understand. I realize how inappropriate the conversation about Deyjah on the podcast must have been," said TI taking "full accountability" for everything he put his 18-year-old daughter through. In the end, Ranniqua said that this was a "teachable moment" and that TI learned his lesson. 

Fans of the show, however, are not buying into TI's explanation of not knowing that a hymen or lack of, is no indication of a woman's sex life. 

"So let’s see, T.I. had access to books, videos, internet, FB posts, health ed. classes, basic research articles, clinics, general FAQ’s, PSAs, black women doctors, etc, and just now by his ex coming on his podcast did he learn about the hymen. Men ain’t shit and I said it. #FamilyHustle" wrote a fan. 

While another wrote, "Whew toxic dads playing [email protected] not respecting boundaries. This is triggering #FamilyHustle."

"Why is he acting like he just got this when several people this episode mentioned that a hymen can break and a girl is still a virgin?" wrote another. 

"I’m not here at all for his taking “accountability” & having a “teaching moment”. I’m just not. I feel like he’s so manipulative. As soon as his mom told him it was wrong, he should have asked his daughter how she felt about it right then & there. #FamilyHustle" wrote another. 

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