'This is Us' Season 6 Episode 4: Fans 'wrecked' after Jack's heartbreaking eulogy

Jack Pearson gave an emotional eulogy at his mother's funeral and fans were not ready to experience it

                            'This is Us' Season 6 Episode 4: Fans 'wrecked' after Jack's heartbreaking eulogy
Mike Ventimiglia as Jack Pearson in 'This is Us' Season 6 (NBC)

Apart from being an amazing show, ‘This Is Us’ has also been a show that always makes you reach for tissues. The emotions and situations shown on the show are so relatable that you think that you have also gone through this in the past. The latest episode of ‘This Is Us’ Season 6 gave viewers some of the most emotional moments in recent TV history.

In the ending moments of Episode 3, Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) gets to know that his mom, Marilyn, has died. So, the latest episode solely focuses on Jack’s relationship with his mother. He visits the place in Ohio where she used to live after getting away from her abusive husband. Jack met his mother’s cousin Debbie there. Debbie told her that it took him 13 years to come and talk about her.


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Jack asks if he can do something for his mother’s funeral and Debbie replies that he can give the eulogy. In the end, when he arrives at the podium to give a eulogy, he is speechless. When he felt that he won’t be able to do it, his wife Rebecca (Mandy Moore) arrives there with their kids and that’s what made him confident that he can do it. Jack gives a eulogy and says that it’s not easy to be a mother. She suffered a lot in her life and when she arrived in Ohio, she finally “had a life”. He thanked Debbie and her mom’s boyfriend Mike for making her laugh and giving her the life she deserved.

He ended the eulogy by saying goodbye to his mom and added, “Don’t Let Me Keep You.” The eulogy completely destroyed fans and social media was flooded with so many emotional reactions. Some users believed that the episode “wrecked” them emotionally while others believed that people should call their parents or hug them because you don’t when you’ll not be able to see them.

One of the users said, “Tonight's episode is a reminder that relationships with loved ones are so darn complicated, so many layers to unpack!” Another user wrote, “That eulogy… well done, jack. Well done.”





Meanwhile, another fan stated, “Puddle of tears over here. That was beautiful, Jack Pearson.” Another social media user noted, “That could not have been a more beautiful eulogy. perfectly delivered by Jack.”





“That moment, when it hits you that your momma is gone. I still haven’t recovered from mine,” added another user. “That episode absolutely wrecked me. I've bawled watching this show many times but not like that. The beautiful and heartbreaking way @MiloVentimiglia and @NBCThisIsUs told this story,” wrote another one.





Another fan shared, “Jack is not only grieving the loss of his mother, but he's also grieving over the potential relationship he could have had with her. There's a pain that runs deep when you miss what you did not experience with someone in life.”



The episode ended with Jack and Rebecca having a meal with their kids. Jack cooked hot dogs and tomato soup that his mother used to cook when he was young.
Yep, we cried.

‘This Is Us’ Season 6 returns to NBC with a new episode on every Tuesday at 9 pm EST.