'This Is Us' Season 5 Episode 14: Will Deja and Malik break up? Jennifer can tear apart their relationship

Deja gives Randall relationship advice to help Beth through the closure of her dance studio, but will her own relationship sustain what's in store for her and Malik

                            'This Is Us' Season 5 Episode 14: Will Deja and Malik break up? Jennifer can tear apart their relationship
Asante Blackk and Lyric Ross star as Malik and Deja on 'This Is Us' (NBC)

Spoilers ahead 

There are plenty of couples who give us relationship goals on 'This Is Us', but it is Deja (Lyric Ross) and Malik (Asante Blackk) who remind us that little can beat the magic of young love. As they say, the path to true love never runs smooth and Deja and Malik seem to have hit some bumps on the road. 

As we've seen in the last few episodes, Malik's former girlfriend and the mother of his baby, Jennifer, wants to be a bigger part of her daughter's life. The normally stoic Deja confides to Randall (Sterling K Brown) that she is finding this tough to deal with. This is especially since Deja knows that it's not a sustainable arrangement with Janelle's mother, having to drive down from Boston every weekend. She is not sure how exactly this situation is going to play out. 


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Lyric Ross and Asante Blackk star in 'This Is Us' (NBC)

It's a situation most adults would find tough to navigate, but it seems that Deja is able to use her tough relationship situation to impart some advice to Randall. Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson), who has been forced to close down her dance studio due to the pandemic, is tired of Randall's well-meaning 'advice' on how to keep the studio going. She just wants to be able to grieve its loss in her own way.

Deja uses Malik as an example to give Randall some advice. She tells Randall that even though Malik knows that the situation with Janelle's mother is bothering her, he is giving her the space to process it. She tells Randall that neither Beth nor Deja needs heroes. They just need the men in their lives to just be there. But when has Randall ever been able to stop himself from rushing to Beth's side. But it seems that he's taken Deja's advice. He goes to Beth's studio and simply holds her and dances with her to 'their' song like they did decades ago when they had first met.

A fitting goodbye if Beth wishes it to be. Will Deja and Malik also have a love story like Beth and Randall's, where young love morphs into the love of a lifetime, or will it be cut brutally short? To find out more you can catch the latest episodes of 'This Is Us' on Tuesdays at 9 pm on NBC.

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