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Why is ‘This Is Us’ Season 5 Episode 12 not airing this week? Here's what to expect from ‘Both Things Can Be True’

The new episode of the beloved NBC show might take Beth and Tess' storyline further... after a one-week break of course!
UPDATED MAR 31, 2021
Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth and Eris Baker as Tess in ‘This Is Us’ (NBC)
Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth and Eris Baker as Tess in ‘This Is Us’ (NBC)

A family never stops believing in each other. NBC's ‘This Is Us’ beautifully portrays that in all its episodes. However, in recent times, there have been quite a lot of breaks between episodes. This week is no different. Sadly, you will have to wait before you can watch the next episode — ‘Both Things Can Be True’.

In Episode 10, the beloved NBC show went on to peek into the lives of Randall's daughters and awkward dinner conversations. In a major shocker, Beth found out that Tess was dating her best friend. Shocked, she blasted, ​“​So my daughter thinks she cannot talk to me.” The new episode might take Beth and Tess' storyline further... after a one-week break of course!


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Randall and Beth (NBC)

What's on NBC in place of ‘This Is Us’?

This week, the new ‘This Is Us’ episode will be replaced by an old rebroadcast and not all fans are happy with the delays. “Can you guys just give us realistic expectations that this is going be airing every other week from now on? We get one episode then a month off, another episode then a week off.. or just film it all and we’ll watch consistently in June,” one agitated fan wrote.

Another said, “I thought they said no more breaks? Why another break?”

Some, however, were supportive. A third chimed in, “I’ll never regret my decision to watch This Is Us... I absolutely love this TV show. It educates me, it makes me laugh, and cry. The writers, the cast are just amazing. Oh, and, we definitely need a Kleenex emoji.” And a fourth joyfully said, “I can’t wait for the new episode on April 6.”

Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth (NBC)

‘This Is Us’ Season 5 Episode 12 Spoilers

The summary of the episode reads: “Jack and Miguel bond. Kevin and Madison navigate challenges. Randall seeks out a new kind of support network.”

In a promo, we see Tess and Alex together after Beth lets them be at home. However, when she accidentally enters the room, there is a look of horror on her face and that doesn't go down too well with Tess. Worriedly, Tess tells her mother, “Makes me wonder if we'll ever be close again.”

Fans are quite eager to see what happens next and have already been unleashing their thoughts on the new episode. “Okay to be fair, pretty sure any parent would have that look on their face if they saw their kid getting that close with their significant other. This is also Tess’ first real relationship. Beth needs time to get used to everything and Tess needs to be more patient,” one said. And another fan said, “Tess’s feelings towards Beth may seem irrational but there is a reason behind them. Whether she’s projecting her own insecurities onto her mother or what but these feelings are not coming from anywhere. Sometimes people act irrationally, but all actions have reasons behind them.”


When will ‘This Is Us’ Season 5 Episode 12 air?

‘This Is Us’ premiered on Tuesday at 9 pm ET on NBC after the mid-season winter break with Episode 5 titled ‘A Long Road Home’ on January 5, 2021. There will be a one-week break before Episode 12 titled ‘Both Things Can Be True’ is televised on April 6, 2021, at 9 pm ET. The episode will be able to stream on Hulu the next day, on April 7, 2021.

Sharing the release date, the official Twitter account posted, “The Pearson kids are growing up. #ThisIsUs returns April 6 on @NBC.” After watching the promo, one fan wrote, “Isn't she only 13? The parents know that Tess has romantic feelings for them, why are both of them allowed to be in the bedroom with the door closed, or in the bedroom at all? (I know, it's only a TV show and there needs to be drama. But geez.)”


Yes, there is a delay but the NBC show will bring something special to the new episode, won't it? Tired of waiting? Don't give up yet. Binge-watch Season 5 episodes on and the NBC App. Not just that, you can stream old seasons on Amazon Prime too.