'This Is Us' Season 4 cliffhanger: Fans can't stop speculating Jack, Lucy and baby Hope's future in Season 5

'This Is Us' Season 4 cliffhanger: Fans can't stop speculating Jack, Lucy and baby Hope's future in Season 5
Blake Stadnik as Jack and Auden Thornton as Lucy (NBC)

With a box of tears, laughter and familial bonds, 'This Is Us' ended its Season 4 on a mysterious note. A walk into the future brings a set of fresh faces and now fans can't help but decipher what will transpire in Season 5. 

The heartwarming NBC show left us hanging with too many loose ends but did manage to fill our hearts with hope, yes quite literally. While all the puzzle pieces from the past, present and future seem to fit in, the biggest mystery that remains to be solved is: Who is the man with the horse and a young brunette woman working at the art gallery? Moreover, it's indeed lovely to see Jack Damon and Lucy's little one Hope.

Now, fans can't stop wondering what Season 5 may have hidden in its clutches. "Anyone else come to the conclusion that all scenes with Jack and Lucy are actually after Rebecca's passed? The reason Kate and Toby aren't at the hospital for Hope maybe that they're gone, too? And just maybe as S5 wraps up we'll get a spinoff that's already been set up #thisisus," one wrote.


Another posted, "I don’t think the singing Jack Damon with pregnant Lucy happens at the same time as Dementia! Rebecca, I think that’s way I’m the future. He’ll be a teen at the oldest. #ThisIsUs."

A viewer, who watched the finale a little late, said, "I'm 2 days late to the #ThisIsUs finale so this is all I have to say: 1. Randall Pearson: You're a dick 2. Really? Madison? 3. OMG, twins! 4. But wait, why was Cassidy with uncle Nicky? Srsly, are we seeing her again? 5. Katoby's daughter 6. Jack D and Lucy's baby girl!"


And another said, "Baby Jack and Annie are the best people on this show. Everybody else can stay or go at this point. I don't really care anymore. So many emotions! #ThisIsUs."

Sterling K. Brown as Randall, Justin Hartley as Kevin, Chrissy Metz as Kate (NBC)

One Reddit viewer posted a number of questions and observations and they will make you wrack your brain! "Okay so after the season finale I have a lot of questions and observations I need to vent about and get people's opinions in regards to them going to see Rebecca," he posted.


"Where is Miguel?
Nicky is wearing a wedding ring... Who is he married to? Maybe Cassidy? I know that's a little bit of a long shot but it would make sense because she's back
Where is Kate?
In the season 3 finale when Toby gets to the house he notes that Kevin's house is big. That leads me to believe he has never been there. I doubt if Kate passed away Toby would distance from the family making me wonder if they get a divorce?
Toby tells Randall in the season 3 finale "They are on their way". I originally thought this meant Kate and Jack. Now I am wondering is it Kate and Jack, Jack and his sister, Jack Lucy and Hope? WHO?!?!
In the season 4 finale we see Kevin's two kids. They look to be about 10. Kevin and Randall look much older than 50 and I doubt they would do that by accident because they aged Rebecca well. So is this taking place more then 10 years in the future?
IF it does take place more than 10 years in the future, does Kevin have ANOTHER set of twins? Where are the other two kids then?
So actually it is definitely more than 10 years in the future. Tess is 13 in the current show. In the flash forward to Rebecca's deathbed she is a doctor. There is no way in ten years she does all of high school, college and then med school...
So does Kevin have more twins?"


Some fans are sad they have nothing to look forward to on Tuesdays anymore. "So I’m having withdrawal symptoms. Is there a season 5 and when?" one wrote and another said, "#This IsUs Season 5 need that by the summer." While we have no official confirmation on when it will drop, we could expect to see Season 5 by the end of September. But who knows, the coronavirus outbreak may delay it.


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