When will 'This Is Us' air next? Here's why there is a two-week break for Season 4 Episode 12

Looks like the fans will have to wait a tad bit longer to see the next installment of their favorite 'Kophie' love story in Season 4 Episode 12 as Ellen Degereses's 'Game of Games' is expected to replace the show

                            When will 'This Is Us' air next? Here's why there is a two-week break for Season 4 Episode 12
Justin Hartley as Kevin Pearson (NBC)

Randall Pearson is struggling with his mental anxiety and Kevin Pearson is the only one who knows. What's more, is that the last scene confused fans as they tried to decode who was the mystery woman sleeping next to him. Well, if that last episode of 'This Is Us' left you in a puzzled state, be prepared to stay in that mode for at least another two weeks. Yes, NBC's beloved family drama seems to be going on another short hiatus. 

Titled 'Hell of a Week: Part Two', the next episode will focus on Kevin and his crippling luck with love. The other Pearson brother is set to travels to his hometown and meet his first love, Sophie. “The next episode in the trilogy is Kevin’s story, so all will be revealed there,” co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker said ahead of this week’s installment. “We’re going to follow him to Pittsburgh and see why he decided to go to Sophie’s mom’s funeral, if he has any interaction with Sophie, what it’s like for Kevin to be back home again on his old stomping grounds.”

Co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger also teased their love story and called the upcoming episode “a really beautiful deep dive into Kevin’s past with Sophie. Tonally, this one will have a bit more of a nostalgic note that we’re really excited to share with people.” 

Kevin and Sophie in a still from 'This Is Us'. (NBC)

Kevin and Randall's tiff is another plot twist in the offing and the reason behind the rift is on everyone's minds. Hinting on the possibility of a revelation, Aptaker added: “Something big is coming in this next run before the end of our season that will tear these two apart.” 

Well, before we get to watch all of that, get set to be disappointed as 'Ellen's Game of Games' is taking the slot of 'This Is Us' for the next two weeks. There is no official confirmation but apparently, the reality show, where Ellen DeGeneres returns with her supersized versions of her favorite games, will have a two-hour special.  

The news dampens hearts of 'This Is Us' followers and one even went on to post: "What? Are you telling me I have to wait 3 weeks to see my #Kophie episode? An episode that I was waiting for since season 1? I'm not going to survive this hiatus."

Also dubbed as 'I Gotta Go See About a Girl', the next episode has been directed by Kevin Hooks and written by creator Dan Fogelman. With its release date marked as February 11, 2020, on NBC, all you hard-core fans out there need to hold your horses until then!

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