'This Is Us' star Justin Hartley posts funny quarantine photo of him falling, fans thank him for the laughs

'This Is Us' star Justin Hartley posts funny quarantine photo of him falling, fans thank him for the laughs
Justin Hartley (Getty Images)

Its been a hell of a few weeks as people have quarantined themselves in their homes across the world amid the COVID-19 health crisis. 'This is Us' star Justin Hartley took to twitter to show his followers how his quarantine routine has been going and fans had the most hilarious replies.

The 43-year-old tweeted "Just day 1 of being with myself.  [camera emoji] by drone" along with a picture of him falling over from a chair.

The pandemic has forced millions around the world to self-quarantine, and Hartley took to social media to ease a bit of the tension showcasing what looks be an unfortunate incident or a hilarious setup. "I will break quarantine to come save you," tweeted a fan.

The photo shows Hartley on the floor, with what looks to be a kitchen stool on top of him, with a drink in his hand. He looks to be in comfy attire wearing a t-shirt and jeans as he took his sad little fall. In his tweet, he gave photo credits to his drone. 

"I'm in a house with 3 adults and the 4 children I birthed.. and not only would I look like that, but they'd also leave me to fend for myself while laughing and snapping selfies 
At least your drone can't laugh at you.. yet," tweeted a user sharing self-quarantine struggles.

"Your pic accurately depicts how I feel on the inside! #homewith3kids," tweeted another.

Fans also seemed to have noticed that while he may have fallen over, they were happy that "the drink is still intact." Another user tweeted, "At least you saved your drink!! Priorities!! Love it, Justin!! Lol."

Hartley definitely seems to be practicing social distancing amid the pandemic and has his sweet dog Paisley to keep him company.

He had recently introduced the canine to his Instagram last month. Although living alone since his divorce from actress Chrishell Stause, he shares joint custody of daughter Isabella with his ex-wife actress Lindsay Hartley.

"Pretty sure you're going to need a helping paw or two from Paisley on this one, Justin," tweeted a user hoping that his forever friend can get him through his quarantined days.

It seems as though during this hard time, Hartley has managed to bring some entertainment, with another fan tweeting, "Please tell us there will be Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5...Day 30. Trust me, you will be doing great community service. Thanks for bringing a smile on a grim day @justinhartley."

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