Who is Ruby Rose? 'This Came Out of Me' host is one of the best physicians in Austin

Who is Ruby Rose? 'This Came Out of Me' host is one of the best physicians in Austin
Dr Ruby Rose to deal with medical emergencies in 'This Came Out of Me' (ER Care 24)

Disney always treats viewers with exciting and brainstorming shows and the new show 'This Came Out of Me' seems to live up to viewers' expectations. The upcoming non-fictional series stars Dr Ruby Rose revolves around the hospital emergency room and is based in Texas, including various other locations like Odessa, Austin, Houston, and Midland.

With an interesting theme and heavy dose of suspense, the series will surely grab the eyeballs of the viewers. 'This Came Out of Me' deals with a lot of pain and medical emergencies. So, if you are the one, who loves to binge on gruesome medical emergencies, then Disney is bringing you the best watch.


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The series will be airing on January 2, 2022, at 9 pm EST where Dr Ruby Rose with all the other skilled physicians will be seen resolving Texas-sized medical emergencies. The series will give the viewers a chance to watch out how the ER physicians deal with a lot of painful, unusual DNA that even gruesome emergency cases like a monster bug getting stuck in a patient's ear or a huge piece of concrete getting trapped in a patient's leg. The series is a production for the Discovery Channel by Texas Crew Production.


Poster of 'This came out of me' (TV Insider )


Who is Dr Ruby Rose?

Dr Ruby Rose is a fashion model who has turned into an emergency room physician. She is associated with SignatureCare Emergency Centre Austin ER medical and will guide the viewers throughout the series, showing things in the medical profession that viewers probably never thought existed in the local ER. She will perform all the surgeries that will be shown in the series. 


The doctor has completed her training with the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson. She is a degree holder from many famous universities like UMass Chan Medical School and Tufts University School of Medicine. As being a physician professionally she holds her certifications and licensure from TX State Medical License and MA State Medical License. 


Dr Ruby Rose (ER Care 24)

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