'The Young and The Restless' Season 48 Episode 46 spoilers: Here's what happens when Lily confronts Chelsea

Adam locked up, Devon and Nate in a spat, and Chelsea and Chloe's friendship might be over for good — what happens next and when do we get to see it?

                            'The Young and The Restless' Season 48 Episode 46 spoilers: Here's what happens when Lily confronts Chelsea

After the dramatic meltdown between the Newmans that was Friday's (November 20) episode of 'The Young and the Restless', it only makes sense for fans to look forward to the upcoming Episode 46 of this ongoing Season 48 of the soap opera. On one hand, there was Victor forcibly getting Adam locked up in a psychiatric facility much against his son's wishes.

On the other hand, the spat between longtime best friends Chloe and Chelsea over the latter's choice to sort things out with Adam ultimately culminated to her leaving Chloe's place. None of this drama quite matches up to Elena's decision to cave into Nate and his allure, despite wanting to make things work with Devon and that brings us to the burning question: when do we get to see all of these grand gestures and their consequences panning out?

The answer, of course, lies on Monday, November 23, as that's the date listed for the upcoming episode, which will be the 11,996th episode of the series so far. Airing at its usual 4.30 pm air time, the episode will see "Jack learns of Theo's revenge plot; Lily defends Billy; Chelsea demands answers from Sharon," reveals the IMDb synopsis of the episode.

Additionally, the website Soap Central also adds that Episode 46 will see "Sharon blasts Nick for keeping something from her after the way they'd lost Cassie. "Dad, how could you?" Faith cries. Lily tries to mend fences between Devon and Nate. Rey tells Billy that they pulled the bullet out of Chance, and Billy guesses it was fired from his gun. The Abbotts learn that Theo is suing for Dina's entire estate."

Mending fences between Devon and Nate can never be an easy thing after that spat between the two at the Society. The two are evidently fighting over Elena and considering she met him on the coffeehouse patio to tell him that she won't be turning him down if he asked her out, Devon's fury can hardly be contained once he learns of this.

Then there is the prospect of Chelsea confronting Sharon, as the latter was one of the last people to coax Adam into going to the psychiatric facility. Chelsea had shown up at Adam's place looking for him to talks things out before the two of them left town, but by then, Adam was already waking up groggy at the hospital, in patient's clothes, and screaming his lungs out for them to free him. So that can't quite be a peaceful little chat either. 

In other words, both Sharon and Lily have their work cut out for them when 'The Young and the Restless' airs on November 23 at 4.30 pm on CBS.

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