'The Woman in the Window' Full Cast List: Meet Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore in Netflix's thriller

'The Woman in the Window' director Joe Wright and actor Gary Oldman previously collaborated on the Oscar winning 'Darkest Hour'

                            'The Woman in the Window' Full Cast List: Meet Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore in Netflix's thriller
Amy Adams stars in 'The Woman in the Window' (Netflix)

'The Woman in the Window' seems to make for a fascinating watch, not just because of what appears to be a gripping storyline, but also for its cast, which is absolutely brimming over with some of the finest acting talents we have today. 'The Woman in the Window' has Amy Adams playing Anna Fox, who is confined indoors by her agoraphobia. She finds herself keeping tabs on the new family across the street through the windows of her NYC home. After witnessing a brutal crime, secrets begin to unravel and nothing and no one are what they seem.

Adams, as always, is in fine form as the helpless Anna Fox and is joined in this psychological thriller by acting powerhouses like Gary Oldman and Julianne Moore. Adams on her role as Anna Fox says, "Anna is really trapped inside of her house, and as we get to know her through her repetitive routine, we start to see that there’s something that she’s dealing with that feels heavy, something that’s weighing on her. As we meet her, she is spying on her neighbors. She has a very healthy curiosity about people and creates these stories about what everybody's going through around her and lives vicariously through the stories that she sees.” Here is the full cast of 'The Woman in the Window' and the characters they play. 


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Amy Adams stars in 'The Woman in the Window' (Netflix)

Amy Adams as Anna Fox

Amy Adams initially harbored ambitions of being a ballerina, but it looks like the world of dance's loss is a definite gain for the world of acting. Adams may have had her first commercial success with her role as Giselle in 'Enchanted', but the actor has certainly come a long way since then and has shown a versatility that is admirable. It was Adams' role as 'Sister James' in 'Doubt' that put on her on the road to critical acclaim garnering her an Academy Award nomination as well as nominations for a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild award, and a British Academy Film award. Adams has been on a roll ever since. Adams won two consecutive Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress for playing a seductive con artist in the crime film 'American Hustle' and the painter Margaret Keane in the biopic film 'Big Eyes'. Other notable performances include her roles as Lynne Cheney in 'Vice' and playing Lois Lane in the DC universe. 

Amy Adams stars in 'The Woman in the Window' (Getty Images)

Julianne Moore as Jane Russell

Julianne Moore plays a smaller but extremely pivotal role in 'The Woman in the Window'. She stars as the woman called Jane Russell, one of the only people Amy Adams' character Anna Fox allows in her life. Anna however witnesses Jane's brutal murder at the hands of her husband Alistair (Gary Oldman). The question is, has Anna actually witnessed a murder, or are her medications making her hallucinate? Moore's career hardly needs an introduction. She is an Academy Award and Emmy-winning actor who received a spate of recognition in the late 1990s and early 2000s, earning Oscar nominations for 'Boogie Nights', 'The End of the Affair', 'Far from Heaven' and 'The Hours'.

Moore's other notable roles include 'The Big Lebowski', 'Hannibal', 'A Single Man','The Kids Are All Right' and the romantic comedy 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'. Moore won an Emmy Award for her portrayal of Sarah Palin in the television film 'Game Change' and the Academy Award for Best Actress for playing an Alzheimer's patient in 'Still Alice'. Moore has most recently starred in 'Gloria Bell,' 'After The Wedding' and 'The Glorias'.

 Julianne Moore stars in 'The Woman in the Window' (Getty Images)

Gary Oldman as Alistair Russell

Oscar-winner Gary Oldman previously collaborated with the director of 'The Woman in the Window' Joe Wright, for his Academy Award-winning role as Winston Churchill in 'Darkest Hour'. Oldman plays Alistair Russell, a banker who just relocated his family from Boston and moved into the home across the street from Anna Fox. The move, a new job and raising a teenage son is stressful enough, but when he discovers his new neighbor has been spying on his family as well, it pushes him to the breaking point. Oldman is one of the most highly regarded actors of his generation and is known for his roles as Sid Vicious in 'Sid and Nancy', Drexl in 'True Romance', George Smiley in 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy'  and Winston Churchill in 'Darkest Hour'. While he spent much of his career playing over the top antagonists in films like 'Air Force One',  he reached a new audience with roles in the Harry Potter and Dark Knight franchises.

Gary Oldman stars in 'The Woman in the Window' (Getty Images)

Fred Hechinger as Ethan 

In 'The Woman in the Window' Anna Fox befriends the 15-year-old Ethan (Fred Hechinger) and the woman whom she believes to be the boy’s mother, Jane Russell (Julianne Moore), only to see her own life turned upside down. Fred Hechingher has appeared in films like 'News of the World' and 'Human Capital'.

Fred Hechinger stars in 'The Woman in the Window' (Getty Images)

Brian Tyree Henry as Detective Little

Brian Tyree Henry is perhaps best known for his role as Alfred 'Paper Boi' Miles in the dramedy series 'Atlanta' for which he received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. He began to make his mark in films with roles in 'Widows' and 'If Beale Street Could Talk'. Henry is also an acclaimed stage actor 
and for his performance in the 2018 Broadway revival of 'Lobby Hero', he received a Tony Award nomination.

Brian Tyree Henry stars in 'The Woman in the Window' (Getty Images)


Who are the other stars? 

'The Woman in the Window' also stars Anthony Mackie, Wyatt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

'The Woman in the Window' is directed by Joe Wright. The film is based on the novel by A.J. Finn and has been adpated for the screen by Tracy Letts. You can catch the trailer of 'The Woman in the Window' below. 


'The Woman in the Window' premieres on Netflix on May 14