If not an Oscar, an Emmy perhaps? Amy Adams' history of being underrated is about to change with 'Sharp Objects'

Amy breathes life into a role quietly....almost making you forget she exists - her greatest strength and her downfall.

                            If not an Oscar, an Emmy perhaps? Amy Adams' history of being underrated is about to change with 'Sharp Objects'
Amy Adams (Source: Getty Images)

Amy Adams is coming to the small screen once again, and she appears to be bringing her A game. She is starring in the upcoming HBO show 'Sharp Objects,' and it would be a surprise if her performance is anything less than absolutely stellar. The psychological thriller miniseries is based on Gillian Flynn's debut novel of the same name. Created and co-written by Marti Noxon, Adams plays the role of Camille Preaker, an emotionally troubled, alcoholic reporter who returns to her hometown to uncover the murders of two young girls. The eight-episode miniseries will hit screens this Sunday, July 8, 2018. 

From the looks of it, the series is sufficiently dark and quite brutal with the character of Camille. In Amy's words, "Everyone else's opinion of her is what helped shape this sadness inside of her and this darkness. She struggles to find the truth of who she is, and it is not till the end that we see her exploring her own identity outside of somebody else's opinion." Amy's character Camille in the series has a history of self-harm. When the story begins, she has just been released from a psychiatric facility. 

'Sharp Objects' got the point with the storyline, and the protagonist fits in. In the recently released trailer,  Amy looks more than comfortable playing a tormented woman haunted by her demons - the way she walks and talks and makes uncertain eye contact - she sells the pain. This is perhaps one of the reasons why this actor, who has been in the industry for about 14 years is so underrated. Her performances are too natural, her character portrayal so real that more often than not, they get lost in the crowd of bold, loud and passionate performances.  

The 43-year-old, who is known for bringing a little bit of her own personality into every role, has been nominated for the Oscar five times but has never won once in spite of having some impeccable work. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for 'Junebug' in 2005, 'Doubt' in 2008, 'The Fighter' in 2010, and 'The Master' in 2012. For Best Actress, she was nominated for 'American Hustle' back in 2013. Although she did win the Golden Globe for the film, it would be safe to say we were all rooting for an Academy.

Her portrayal of con artist Sydney Prosser is so much like a metaphor for Amy, the actor. Like Sydney, Amy switches from one persona to the other but still gets overshadowed. In 'American Hustle' it was by Jennifer Lawrence, in 'Master' it was by Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman, in 'Fighter' it was by Christian Bale and Melissa Leo and DiCaprio and Tom Hanks in 'Catch Me if You Can.'  She always tends to fade into the background, but 'Sharp Objects' is meant to change all that, hopefully. 

The reason why she has become the best friend face all over Hollywood also has a lot to do with her career choices. For example, for the role of a carefree woman who wants to spend her time cooking, Adams did a fantastic job. But did you notice it or were you busy being enchanted by Meryl Streep's incessant giggling? Adams as Julie Powell in 'Julie and Julia' may have looked rosy at first, but the collaboration only pushed her more into the background, right next to the furniture in the room. Even when she starred with Henry Cavill in the 'Superman' films, who would care to remember Lois Lane, unless she's tickling male fantasies, of course! While they are entertaining films and do extremely well at the box office, these jobs have cost Amy one thing every actor wants - to stand out. She's almost blended in with the wallpaper at this point, or worse, she's like a twin Leonardo DiCaprio. 

But as an actor whose strength lies in subtlety, Amy's claim to fame couldn't have been easy. While the world almost always only remembers the actors who were challenging and extreme, it is rare gems like Amy who breathe life into a role quietly, almost making you forget she exists - her greatest strength and her downfall. She's been in over 38 films so far and in about 10 television shows - She's gone from being a badass bartender in 'The Fighter,' a rainbows-and-butterflies type princess in 'Enchanted', a stoic nun in 'Doubt,' a naive blogger in 'Julie and Julia,' to an alien's girlfriend in the Superman series but she just doesn't seem to catch anyone's eye. She just seems to hide in plain sight. I mean, how great was she in 'Arrival'?! 

It is safe to assume that 'Sharp Objects' will be her time to shine. She is definitely bringing all the years of experience with her to the HBO show, and this time, perhaps, she will have better luck. She's a bankable star who may well be on her way to an Emmy. This role is Amy's chance to cleanse the palette with some vodka and candy bars, coupled with some twisted impulses and lots of stress. Without a speck of doubt, she will definitely rise up to the occasion.