Is The Weeknd dropping 'NEW ALBUM SOON'? Singer trends after rumored screenshot of teaser tweet does the rounds

The Weeknd began trending after many fans became confused over a rumored teaser tweet that promised the singer's new album coming soon

                            Is The Weeknd dropping 'NEW ALBUM SOON'? Singer trends after rumored screenshot of teaser tweet does the rounds
The Weeknd (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

While we know that The Weeknd has a new album in the works and has given us a few details on what it's about, the 'Blinding Lights' star may have mistakenly revealed it's coming out sooner than we expected, if there's truth to some recent tweets on Twitter.

The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, began trending on January 18 on Twitter after several followers spotted a surprising tweet-and-delete action by the contemporary R&B singer shared with a rumored screenshot. The Weeknd allegedly wrote in all caps "NEW ALBUM SOON." 

A fan account by the name of The Weeknd News posted an alleged screenshot of the singer teasing the album, saying, "@theweeknd just tweeted regarding his new album release and deleting it seconds later. Abel stop playing with our emotions #ABELISCOMING."


Another fan added, "WE SAW IT ABEL STOP PLAYING WITH US AND DROP IT ALREADY #[email protected]" with a similar screenshot that didn't include the date of the supposed tweet. Heading back to the fan account's screenshot, a fan said "It says January 1st," which fans also pointed out as suspect. 

In a tweet, The Weeknd News wrote, "@theweeknd has now deactivated and cleared all of his Instagram posts once again confirming the release of the new album."








Looking further down at previous tweets by The Weeknd News the mystery is solved — sadly, it was a rumor to get The Weeknd trending and it worked. The fan account then later admitted by sharing a screenshot of the trending numbers and an original tweet they wrote, which reads, "Oomf said to spread a rumor Abel is dropping an album so he can interact with us and say it’s false look at what we have come to."


Although the news of The Weeknd's new album releasing soon may be false, the hashtag "#ABELISCOMING" has still got him trending for pure fan love. 








Additionally, a rumor of a new album doesn't mean that a new era of The Weeknd isn't coming, as it reportedly is. We just don't have the release date yet. According to an article published by Billboard on December 30, The Weeknd shared that he had spent a lot of the past year working on his new project.

He even dropped a hint on its inspiration: "I have been more inspired and creative during the pandemic than I might normally be while on the road...The pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the tensions of the election have mostly created a sense of gratitude for what I have and closeness with the people near me," he said.

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