The Weeknd's 'dark secret' causes frenzy among fans after guest appearance on 'American Dad'

The Weeknd's 'dark secret' causes frenzy among fans after guest appearance on 'American Dad'
The Weeknd (Getty Images)

The Weeknd is teasing fans with a possible secret in tonight's episode of Seth MacFarlane’s animated comedy series, 'American Dad'. The episode from Season 17 sees Stan kidnapping the cartoon version of The Weeknd in an attempt to teach Roger a lesson.

Not only does The Weeknd star in the episode, but the artiste also co-wrote it and it featured the debut of his new song, 'I'm a Virgin', which was co-written with Asa Taccone. The singer revealed to Variety that he is "a longtime fan of the show," and said, “I always wanted to play a character that was the opposite of the public’s perception of me—and of course make fun of myself. Once I was given the opportunity I took complete advantage. Joel Hurwitz believed in the vision and he helped execute it beautifully.”

In the song, The Weeknd sings, "The girls in my day wanted more from me. But there's only really one way to start a family. And I know you can't believe it's true. But I'm man enough to say to you" before dropping the bomb in the chorus, "I'm a virgin."

The animated show shared a gif of the song on Twitter with the caption "@theweeknd has a dark secret...#TheWeeknd #AmericanDad."

Fans on Twitter were in utter shock over The Weeknd's dirty little secret, or shall we say pure little secret, and had them "screaming" and "cryinggg" in all capital letters.

Many were LMAOing, as one fan said, "LMFAO IM FUCKING DEAD." The song is a complete hit for his fans, but they couldn't help but share their disbelief. One fan wrote, "AMAZING SONG TERRIBLE LIE, all that music there’s NO WAY HE DOESNT NOT F**K (sic)" while another said, "The Weeknd being a virgin is the plot twist of the century."

Fans were also loving the new song, saying, "I f**king love it" and "That was catchy please release" and "The song is lit af!"

The Weeknd released his latest studio album 'After Hours' in March with an additional release of its deluxe version which features remixes by Chromatics, Lil Uzi Vert, and more.

The 'American Dad' appearance is the second satirical song he’s put out on TV this year following his SNL sketch 'On the Couch'. The Weeknd also said he has plans to make an appearance on 'Robot Chicken'.

"I told Joel [American Dad writer-producer] I loved doing voices and wished I could have challenged myself more in that department, so he took me to the 'Robot Chicken' studio, where [executive producer-writer] Seth Green was waiting for me." He added, "I totally geeked out and he actually let me do multiple voices on an episode coming out soon. The cartoon nerd in me jumped out that day."

Watch the debut of 'I'm a Virgin' here.

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