'The Waltons' Homecoming' Ending Explained: Did John Walton survive tragic accident?

'The Waltons' Homecoming' saw John Walton Sr coming home for Christmas, but an accident is making things worse

                            'The Waltons' Homecoming' Ending Explained: Did John Walton survive tragic accident?
A still from 'The Waltons' Homecoming' (The CW)

The CW reboot of the iconic series ‘The Waltons’ has finally been aired and the network’s first original film has all the charm to become a memorable experience. It is not easy to create the same level of nostalgia, but director Lev L Spiro has managed to overcome all obstacles to give a sweet tribute to the 1970 show.

The reboot version also shows The Waltons living in the era of the Great Depression and John Walton Sr (Ben Lawson) is working outside the city to support his family. The Walton family receives a letter from John that he will be coming home for Christmas and everyone gets really excited about that. However, a winter storm is planning to ruin the occasion as John’s return is getting delayed due to harsh weather. Will John be able to make it on time? Or something bad is waiting for the Waltons?


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Let’s take a look at how the movie concluded and if it was a happy ending for everyone or not.

A still from 'The Waltons' Homecoming' (The CW)


‘The Waltons’ Homecoming’ Ending Explained: Did John make it home for Christmas?

John (Ben Lawson) has already gotten on the bus to reach home, but harsh weather is making things difficult for him. On the other hand, John’s wife Olivia (Bellamy Young) is having a lot of anxiety as John hasn’t come home yet. One night, while listening to the radio, Olivia hears that a bus has gone off the road and resulted in a tragic accident. One person has died in the accident and a lot of people have been injured. The news makes Olivia nervous and she tells about it to John-Boy (Logan Shroyer), the oldest child of the Walton household.

He promises his mother that he’ll bring dad home and takes the car from one of their closed ones. John-Boy reaches the place by driving in such harsh weather and sees the carnage. A police officer stops him from going ahead because police and fire officers are helping people. However, one of the men sitting on the bus is still stuck there because of the accident and everyone is helping to get him out of there. John-Boy sees three people coming out and to his surprise, one of them is his dad John Walton. Luckily, he is not that injured and they sit in the vehicle to get back home.
During the journey, the father-son duo heals their relationship as John Walton apologizes to John-Boy for degrading him and his writing skills. He says he can do whatever he wants to do and achieve everything he wants to.

The entire Walton family is in the church singing songs and praying for John to return home. He finally reaches there with his son and the Waltons are reunited for Christmas. Also, they received the gifts that they always wanted to.

‘The Waltons’ Homecoming’ Ending Explained: What did children of The Walton household achieve?

The children of the Walton household achieved everything they wanted to. John-Boy became an acclaimed writer while Mary (Marcelle LeBlanc) became the first female pilot of the US Postal Service. Erin Walton (Tatum Matthew) achieved her dream of becoming a casting director and Jason Walton also became what he intended to be.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Walton (Callaway Corrick) got hold of their old house and lived there with her own family.

The movie ended with Elizabeth visiting John-Boy’s grave with her granddaughter.

‘The Waltons’ Homecoming’ is currently available on The CW.

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