'The Walking Dead' Season 10: From Carol to Father Gabriel, here are top 4 worst characters from the show

In other words, it wouldn't be a complete loss if they left the series

                            'The Walking Dead' Season 10: From Carol to Father Gabriel, here are top 4 worst characters from the show
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'The Walking Dead' Season 10 has been eventful and very bloody. We've had to say goodbye to some important characters. Some left, and some were killed mercilessly. While most of the characters on the show are loved, be it venomously evil or virtuous, there are some characters that really aren't fan-favorites. In other words, it wouldn't be a complete loss if they left the show.

The finale is nearing, or rather it will release whenever the coronavirus decides to relax its grip on the world. In the meantime, here are some characters that we wouldn't mind saying goodbye to. 


You either love or hate Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), and for many, it's the second one. In one episode, Carol chased after Alpha (Samantha Morton) into a dark cave, which led  Daryl (Norman Reedus) and everyone else to run after her and tumble down the ledge. Of course, it was lined with walkers, who were just waiting for some new flesh. Worst, was when Carol pulled a couple of new stunts, which resulted in Connie (Lauren Ridloff) and Magna (Nadia Hilker) getting trapped in the cave.

Even Daryl was furious with her for that. In another episode, she does not vouch for Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as she had promised to do if he killed Alpha. She goes off on her own journey. It remains to be seen whether she will survive the final battle. 

Though to be fair, Carol has lost a lot thanks to Alpha. Apart from this, she has a traumatic past to deal with and this obviously would have messed with her psyche. 

Father Gabriel

Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) started off in the show on a dubious note, as he began with cowardice and backstabbing. It was unclear where his allegiances lay. Remember him betraying Rick Grimes and his group by complaining to Donna that they were doing dangerous things at Alexandria? And then, he told Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) that she should take the blame for the deaths of Tyreese (Chad L Coleman) and Bob (Gilliard Jr). Though he still redeemed himself after that, he stays in the background now and doesn't commit more mistakes. But he doesn't contribute much to the show either. Could he be the one to get killed in the finale, just like his comic book counterpart? 


For a long time, Rosita Espinosa was just on the show for sexual activity and didn't really contribute to the actual action.  Her storylines were mostly scandalous in nature, be it her affair with Eugene, or being married to Father Gabriel, though she's pregnant with someone else's child. The pregnancy is from a tryst with Siddique, who is now dead. Meanwhile, Eugene still loves Rosita.

This isn't the first time that Rosa was in such a situation, as earlier she was in love with Abraham, who broke up with her to be with Sasha. Seriously, Rosita has not been helping entirely much with the storyline, either which does put her in the worst character category. Sorry, Rosita!


For the most part, Eugene still remains the coward he was since Season 4. He prioritizes his survival above anyone else's and there has been no significant change in the character as such. 

So, there you have it. We think it's best that we can see these characters take an exit route in the finale. 

'The Walking Dead' airs on Sunday's 9 pm, AMC.

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