'The Walking Dead' Season 10: Will Gabriel be murdered by Beta just like his comic book counterpart?

In the comics, Gabriel's stomach is cut open by Beta and he's left to be devoured by the horde

                            'The Walking Dead' Season 10: Will Gabriel be murdered by Beta just like his comic book counterpart?
Seth Gilliam as Gabriel (AMC)

A lot has happened in Season 10 of 'The Walking Dead'. We had to bid goodbye to Siddiq, Mary and Michonne (though it was still a better farewell compared to others). Alpha's (Samantha Morton) head was cut off and put on a stick — something that pushed Beta (Ryan Hurst) off the bend completely. Lizzie was killed by Carol. And now, Aaron and Alden have been abducted by Beta's army of Walkers. Abduction is a polite word. We don't know if they will survive to tell the tale. Beta is in a murderous rampage right now, so he might just hold them hostage or kill them then and there. 

The showdown is an episode away, though it is uncertain when it will air as the coronavirus pandemic continues to hold the world in a vice-like grip. Nevertheless, more blood will be shed but who will survive? 

One very likely possibility is Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), who has had quite a journey on the show. He's become more bloodthirsty and brutal (being on this show does that to you) and doesn't back down from a fight. He wasn't there for the Hilltop fire and his brazen overconfidence could just lead to a not-so-pretty death.

The Whisperers are clear about their plans. They have already murdered Alexandria council members Siddiq and Laura (Lindsley Register). If they really want to ruin the community's peaceful and organized way of life, then well, killing off Gabe will just destroy all the hard work the people of Alexandria put in, to build a strong government.

The sad part is that in the comics, Gabriel is killed off in a terribly brutal manner. He is positioned at the water tower on a lookout and is meant to notify the others if he spots an advancing horde. However,  on seeing a massive army of the dead approaching Alexandria, he slips, breaks his ankle and is hanging from the ladder. 

Beta steps forward, guts Gabriel and says, "You should have whispered." And he leaves Gabriel to be devoured by the horde. 

Will Gabriel escape the fate of his comic book counterpart?

'The Walking Dead' airs on AMC, Sundays at 9pm.

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